How to Tell What to Get Her for Christmas

Deciding the best Christmas gift to get her glowing this festive season is easy. You just have to know the signs. Delight your significant other this season with a gift from your heart and ensure she is smiling all through the New Year with these tips on finding out exactly what she wants.

4 Ways to Figure out What to Get Her for Christmas

1. Get Inspiration at Home

It might sound simple, but there may be some hints about her perfect present hidden right in front of you. Browse her favourite magazines or style bloggers online to put yourself in the right direction to taking her breath away. Consider also her personal style – the clothes and jewellery she typically wears – and try to find something that compliments it, or consider your favourite outfit of hers and find a piece to match it. Choosing an item of jewellery that is personal to her style is sure to be a hit!

2. Ask Around

There’s nothing wrong with asking her friends and family about what she might like as a present. After all, they are the people who know her almost as well as you do, and there’s a chance your partner has already dropped hints with them about what sort of gift she’s hoping for. Asking those she’s close to also shows how much you care about her and thinking of a gift she’ll love. She’s sure to see the romance in the act and the piece will become something she will truly treasure.

3. Pose Hypotheticals

It never hurts to run by hypotheticals to gauge her reaction. Perhaps you know someone who gave a similar gift to the one you are considering, or you can ask what sort of jewellery or outfit she would consider wearing for certain events, like dates or work functions. Listen attentively to what she says and pick a gift based on her reaction. Delight her by showing you listen and care with a gift from your heart.

4. Ask and Receive

Make this year the most memorable by knowing exactly what to get her for Christmas. There is no better way to figure out what to get her for Christmas, then by simply asking her. That way there is no ambiguity, and you are showing her you listen and care about her desires. This is a sure way to capture her attention and guarantee a very Merry Christmas.

Make Her Sparkle

Choosing a gift for the person you love can be a great way to show them how much they mean to you. The gift that wins every time is a piece of jewellery that encompasses her style, something that makes her feel fabulous wearing with her favourite outfit. Michael Hill Jewellery can help you sweep her off her feet this Christmas. Explore our range of breathtaking jewellery or find your closest store and talk to one of our team to find the perfect gift for the person you love this Christmas.