Responsibly Sourced, Traceable Diamonds

All diamonds in the Northern Radiance collection are provided traced under the Canadamark™ program. All diamonds in the Canadamark™ program are sourced from Canada’s diamond mines in the Northwest Territories.

Canadamark™ provides the only independently audited "mine to market" traceability program for Canadian diamonds, providing a unique identification number for each diamond. This number identifies the diamond as a Canadamark™ diamond and gives you the precise details about its origin including the mines from which it was sourced.

Canadamark™ diamonds are responsibly mined, with respect for the sustainability of the natural environment and the people living in northern communities. They are focussed on the process of responsibly mining our Northern Radiance diamonds, bringing out their brilliance, and ensuring that they are authentically Canadian.

Visit us in-store where you can find out more about Canadamark™ diamonds, or if you already have a Northern Radiance diamond, you can learn more about your diamonds’ origin here: