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Diamond Engagement Ring with solitaire pendant and earrings

Bridal & Engagement Collections

Discover the perfect engagement or wedding ring from our Bridal Collections. From an exclusive diamond cut, to special designs or unique stones; each piece is beautifully crafted to tell your love story.  

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Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal

Our signature Collection. A reflection of Sir Michael’s love of the very best in design and aesthetics, the Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal Collection epitomises the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. Each detail is intricately crafted, down to the unique, hidden pink sapphire.

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LAB. Diamonds for Michael Hill

Extraordinary beauty and ingenuity meet in this exclusive Collection, featuring premium and Certified Sustainability Rated laboratory-grown diamonds. Discover the brilliance of diamonds that you love, grown in an innovative new way.

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Southern Star

This Collection features a diamond cut like no other, which is created specially for Michael Hill. The Southern Star diamond features 65 facets cut for the most incredible brightness, fire, optical symmetry, and brilliance.

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The Solitaire by Michael Hill

The iconic engagement ring style is perfected in The Solitaire by Michael Hill Collection. Crafted in-house in our Australian workshop to showcase the beauty and brilliance of your diamond.

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The Evermore Collection features our widest and most diverse range of unique engagement rings and diamond bands.

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Classic diamond engagement rings at great value. This collection emphasises larger stones that are selected based on individual brilliance and lustre.

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Fashion Collections

Find a special piece to celebrate yourself or a loved one from our exclusive Fashion Collections. Choose the design you love, or the story that resonates most.

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