Browse our range of quality watches. Our Michael Hill story goes back six generations to a family of watch makers that are our foundation, and each watch collection continues to tell our story in its own unique way.

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Discover Our Range of Watches

So much more than just a way to tell the time, a watch from Michael Hill is the ultimate fashion accessory. From styles for everyday wear to opulent diamond set timepieces, you are sure to find something which represents your personal style. Discover our statement ladies’ watches and a wide range of chronograph and men's sports watches to ensure you stay on-trend and on time.

  • What are popular men’s watches styles?

    A men’s watch is a must-have accessory item, and popular styles range from everyday timepieces to beautiful dress watches.

    When purchasing a men’s watch, make sure it is fit for your purpose. Consider if it will be worn every day or will be used for special occasions. A chronograph watch is a popular option for men who need the use of a stopwatch or simply enjoy a detailed design, for example, while a diamond watches is a sophisticated choice for evening wear.

  • What are popular women’s watch styles?

    The style of women’s watch you choose will be dependent on your needs and personal style. Popular choices include stylish metal watches as well as statement, large-face watches with leather bands.

    When selecting your women’s watch, consider if it will be worn every day, and choose a tone that complements your other jewellery. Many women choose to have two or more watches, a watch for everyday wear as well as a dress watch, sometimes featuring diamonds, for evening wear.

  • How should I care for my metal wristwatch?

    At Michael Hill, all of our watches come with a 3 year international guarantee, but with proper care your Michael Hill watch should be a piece you can treasure for life.

    While our men’s and women’s watches are water resistant, they are not waterproof, and the water resistance diminishes over time. Be sure to have your watch tested for water resistance at each service. Watches with leather bands should be removed before showering, though it’s best to get into the habit of removing any type of watch before showering and store it safely. Avoid bringing your watch into contact with chlorine and other chemicals. Dropping or harshly knocking your watch can damage or scratch it, so wear it with care and remember that while your watch is durable, it is not indestructible. Visit our watch care guide for more information on caring for your beautiful watch.