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Gold and Silver Anklets at Michael Hill

Shop for anklets at Michael Hill. Our beautiful styles made with precious metals, so you can treasure them for years to come. Anklets are the perfect way to add an extra, unique touch to your jewellery look.

  • What are anklets?

    An anklet is a style of jewellery that is designed to be worn around your ankle or the top of your foot. Anklets have been worn in a number of cultures, and in some cases for thousands of years, ranging from simple adornments to culturally significant items.

    There are many different styles and materials of anklets, from precious metal chain anklets, to styles adorned with gems or charms, and more casual leather or beaded anklets.

    At Michael Hill our anklets are crafted in precious metal, and are available in classic belcher chain, rope chain, or Singapore chain styles, as well as anklets with charms.

    Chain anklets in gold or sterling silver look very similar to bracelets, but the main distinguishing feature is that anklets are a slightly longer chain to offer a comfortable fit around your ankle.

  • How should an anklet fit?

    You will want to choose an anklet that is not too tight around your ankle, but not so loose that it will slide down over your foot.

    How it sits is up to your personal preference. You might prefer to secure your anklet a little tighter so that it stays put just above your ankle at the bottom of your calf, or let it drape beneath your ankle bone and across the top of your foot. This could also depend on what you are wearing your anklet with, and how best to show it off.

  • How do I style an anklet?

    Anklets are a unique piece of jewellery because most jewellery is typically worn higher up on your body, such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. For this reason it’s easy to mix and match your anklet with the rest of your pieces. You could wear an anklet in the same metal colour as the rest of your jewellery, such as yellow gold or sterling silver, or mix your metals.

    Pairing your anklet with a bracelet or bangle, necklace, and earrings, will create a top-to-toe polished and elegant look. If you love to stack and layer your jewellery, such as wearing multiple earrings, necklaces and chains, bracelets, and rings, adding an anklet is the perfect way to complete your look and add an extra layer of sparkle.

    Anklets are also perfect for adding an unexpected, delicate touch of shine to whatever you are wearing – even if it’s the only piece of jewellery you have on.

    Anklets are best worn with shoes that allow your anklet to shine, such as sandals or strapless styles. It’s also fashionable to secure an anklet so that it sits over the top of the ankle strap of your shoe as extra adornment, and this is a great way to draw attention to a special pair of shoes or dress up a neutral style.

    Anklets are especially popular for events where shoes are optional altogether! Think weddings or parties at the beach, garden parties or picnics where guests might go barefoot: an anklet will instantly dress-up your look.