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wedding bands flatlays yellow gold and white gold with diamonds

All About Wedding Bands

Your need-to-knows to pick your perfect ring.

On the search for your perfect wedding ring? Find the beautiful, meaningful band that’s right for you to say “I do” with, as we answer your top need-to-know tips.  

What’s the difference between an engagement ring and wedding ring? 

Your engagement ring and wedding ring are given for two different occasions. You’ll usually receive your engagement ring when your partner proposes – although some couples prefer to choose the ring together after becoming engaged. Whereas your wedding rings will be exchanged on your wedding day itself.  

In terms of design, most engagement ring styles feature a centre stone or a centre arrangement of stones, such as a solitaire diamond, a halo or cluster feature. Wedding rings, also known as wedding bands, are most often a band without a centrepiece, though they might feature unique designs, diamonds or gemstones set into the band.  

If you choose to wear both your engagement ring and wedding ring after the big day, your wedding band will traditionally go onto your finger first (due to a belief that this ring should be closest to your heart), with your engagement ring stacked on top.   

What’s the best way to choose a wedding ring? 

The first things to consider are your lifestyle and budget. If you work with your hands or prefer fuss-free jewellery, a simple band in gold, or for men titanium or tungsten, will be perfect. For extra sparkle, a diamond-set wedding band will look beautiful alongside your engagement ring as well as on its own, if you prefer not to wear your engagement ring every day.  

Then decide what you’d like to achieve with your wedding ring – would you prefer to keep this band simple and let your engagement ring own the spotlight? Or do you want to amplify the size and sparkle of your engagement ring, or create a unique textured look?  

With all this in mind, you can narrow down the range of wedding rings. Then, you can try on your favourites virtually, or book your Virtual Appointment to let our expert team help you find the perfect one!

Should it match my engagement ring exactly? 

It’s completely up to your personal taste whether your bridal rings are a perfect match or a mix of colours and/or textures. 

If you love the look of a seamless match, opt for a bridal ring set, or choose a wedding band specially designed to match the engagement rings within our exclusive bridal Collections.  

You can also create your own matching look by choosing a wedding band in the same metal colour as your engagement ring, and matching the diamond details – for instance, pair an engagement ring with a round brilliant diamond with a wedding band set with round brilliant diamonds. 

For a unique look, you can try on wedding bands set with contrasting diamond shapes; intricately shaped bands such as braided, chevron, or curved designs; or even mix your metal colours

Do my engagement ring and wedding ring need to be the same metal?  

Your engagement ring and wedding band can be in different colours of gold if you would like a unique look. However, we generally recommend that you stick to the same metal type and caratage. 

For instance, if you have an engagement ring set in 14ct gold, you should ideally choose a wedding band that is also crafted in 14ct gold. This is because jewellery with different levels of gold purity will differ in hardness, and if you wear both your engagement ring and wedding ring every day, a significant difference in metal hardness could cause one of your rings to wear against the other.  

The most popular types of gold for engagement rings and wedding rings are 10ct, 14ct and 18ct. 10ct gold is the most affordable and durable option, while 18ct contains the highest percentage of pure gold that is commonly used in jewellery. 

Should my wedding ring match my partner’s? 

Matching your wedding ring to your partner’s (or not) is simply a matter of preference. If you love the idea of having perfectly matched rings, you can find couple wedding ring designs for both of you. You can also choose a more subtle match, such as rings in the same metal colour but with your own preferred designs and/or diamond settings. 

Of course, if you and your partner are drawn to different styles there is no need to match your wedding rings. They’re a symbol of your connection to each other, whether or not they look alike. 

How do I ensure my wedding ring is the right size?  

As your ring size will fluctuate naturally from time to time for a number of reasons, you’ll want to ensure your wedding band fits snugly (so it doesn’t slide up and down your finger) but not so tightly that you can’t easily take it on and off.  

For a special ring you’ll wear for life, we always recommend you get expert advice on choosing the right size – so if you aren’t sure, book an appointment and let our expert teams help you find the perfect fit. 

If you prefer to shop online, there are a few ways you can find out your ring size – find more information here

Find inspiration for your ideal ring! Browse wedding bands online

Enjoy one-on-one help to choose the perfect ring for you. Book your Virtual Appointment with our team

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