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Explore white gold jewellery at Michael Hill, made with minimum 10kt gold for beautiful shine and durability.

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White Gold Jewellery at Michael Hill

White gold is a beautiful and versatile shade of gold, pairing perfectly with all gemstone colours. It is also an ideal accompaniment to diamonds – making white gold one of the most-loved settings for diamond engagement rings.

Discover our white gold engagement rings, white gold wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, and more.

  • What is white gold?

    Just like rose gold, white gold is created by blending pure gold with other metals to change its colour. The alloy creating white gold consists of pure gold and palladium, which is a naturally silver-white metal. White gold jewellery is generally plated with rhodium also, which enhances its colour and lustre.

    White gold is sometimes compared to platinum due to their similar appearance, but they are two entirely different metals. Both are popular choices for engagement rings.


  • Is white gold in style?

    White gold has a modern look, and it is also timeless and highly versatile thanks to its neutral colour and beautiful shine. A white gold engagement ring will always be in style, especially when paired with diamonds because the white of the metal will play up the colour of your diamond.

    When it comes to fashion jewellery, white gold will give you plenty of styling options. As a setting for diamond jewellery, gemstone jewellery, or more minimalist pieces that let the metal shine on its own, it’s easy to mix and match your white gold styles. Draw extra attention to your white gold engagement ring with a diamond tennis bracelet in white gold, or style a piece of diamond and white gold jewellery with some plain white metal pieces for a polished look.