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Behind the Scenes: The Making of our Christmas Film

The Holiday season is the most magical time of the year, for so many reasons. And with the challenges of this year and last, in 2021 Christmas is truly a time to celebrate what matters most.  

It’s a time when, we hope, more of us will celebrate with family and friends in person; but whether we’re near or far, we can share joy and love with video chats, phone calls, or a thoughtful gift.  

When it comes to feeling connected with our loved ones, we know that giving beats receiving every time. The excitement of choosing a gift we know they will love, and the happiness of seeing joy when they open it, is the ultimate festive season feeling.  

Michael Hill CMO, Jo Feeney says, “this joy of giving is the feeling our new Christmas film aims to capture; and to do so, we’ve looked at gifting through the eyes of a child – for whom the meticulously handmade gift is the ultimate act of thoughtfulness and love.” 

Our crew filmed on location in Arrowtown, New Zealand, over four days. Despite a sudden lockdown preventing our team in Australia from attending in person, the shoot came together with our production team based in New Zealand; and our Aussie team tuned into the action virtually!  

This beautiful small-town setting in Michael Hill’s original home, New Zealand, allowed us to capture the enchantment of a white Christmas and the cosy feeling of getting back to basics, switching off and spending quality time with family or close friends.  

In this idyllic setting our star, Archie, delivers his beautiful hand-crafted gifts, spreading joy around his neighbourhood and to the most important people in his life.  

In giving gifts made with effort and care, and reminding the special people in his life that he’s thinking of them, Archie truly makes their Christmas. Plus, watch the full film to reveal the little twist and Archie’s best surprise of all!  

Be inspired for a festive season celebrating those who mean the most to you. Watch our full film below:

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