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Bracelets and Bangles for Christmas

When selecting a jewellery gift for Christmas, a bracelet or bangle is a beautiful choice. Michael Hill’s extensive selection for him and her makes it easy to find the perfect piece for your special someone. With a range that includes contemporary on-trend styles and classic, timeless designs crafted in precious metals, a bracelet or bangle from Michael Hill is something your loved one will treasure.

  • What bracelets and bangles make good Christmas gifts?

    The bracelet or bangle that makes the best Christmas gift is one that comes from the heart, and embodies your loved one’s personality and style.

    When choosing a bracelet or bangle for your loved one, take a look at some of the pieces they currently wear and try to select something that will complement these, or perhaps choose something that will perfectly match a special outfit. You could also ask some pointed questions, such as whether they like diamond tennis bracelets or prefer solid gold bangles? Your loved one may have a strong preference for one precious metal, such as sterling silver or gold, or might often mix and match their metals. They stand out strongley on their own and pair well with existing pieces such as rings, necklaces and anklets. Carefully selecting a bracelet or bangle that is perfectly suited to your loved one is a sure way to know they will not only love receiving it, but wear it for years to come.