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April Birthstone - Diamond at Michael Hill

Everything to know about the April birthstone

The month of April offers stunning beauty and deep symbolism when it comes to birthstones, including a timeless favourite as its primary birthstone and a couple of other beautiful gems as modern alternatives. 

Continue reading to find out more about the birthstone of April, including its history, deep significance and variety of colours, as well as some quick facts about the alternative April birthstones.  

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What is the birthstone for April?

The traditional birthstone for April is the diamond

Diamonds have long been seen as the April birthstone, dating back to the Middle Ages, though it wasn’t until 1912 that they were officially recognized when the National Association of Jewellers designed an official birthstone list, dedicating a different gem to each month.  

While the gemstone for April is the diamond birthstone, there are a couple of other beautiful gems so you can choose the perfect one.

What colour is the April birthstone?

Diamonds, with their fiery-white sparkle and enduring appeal, are usually the first thing that come to mind when thinking of the April birthstone.  

Diamonds of other colours, however, are just as popular among those born in the month of April as traditional diamonds. They form in a range of colours, such as pink, brown black, yellow red and blue.

Why is the diamond the April birthstone?

Those born in April are believed to embody traits like strength and tenacity, just like a diamond. So it’s no surprise that such a gem was chosen to be among the April birthstones.  

Diamonds also have a timeless association with eternal love, which is rather appropriate as the Ancient Romans once considered the month of April to be the Sacred Month of Venus, the Goddess of Love. April is also named after Aphrodite, known as the Greek Goddess of Love.

April birthstone meaning

Commonly known as the ‘love’ stone, diamonds have long been synonymous with romance and relationship milestones—like engagements and wedding anniversaries. The Ancient Romans even believed that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with these significant gemstones.  

Deemed by some to be the ‘King of Birthstones,’ diamonds were once thought to promote balance, clarity and happiness, and instil courage and a sense of fearlessness in those who wear them. They’re also thought to symbolize resilience and longevity, which is especially fitting as diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth. The only thing that can scratch a diamond, is another diamond. 

Diamond is also the gem of choice when it comes to the 10th, 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries, marking these significant occasions with their beauty.

Is diamond the only birthstone for April?

As with some months of the year (like March, which has both aquamarine and bloodstone), April has more than one birthstone. So, what are the other 2 birthstones for April?  

With its strong links to the Aries Ram and Taurus bull (both associated with the month of April), the white topaz has a similar aesthetic to the diamond. Like a diamond, it’s thought to symbolize invincibility and strength, as well as represent new life and purity. 

Coral is also found under the Aries star sign. Rather than a mineral with a crystalline structure (like most coloured gems), coral is organic as it’s formed through a biological process. Loved by many for its fiery red-pink hue, coral is thought to symbolize happiness and wisdom and is believed by some to provide a sense of calm in times of stress.

Discover April Birthstone Jewellery

From classical elegance to more modern designs, find the perfect piece of April birthstone jewellery from Michael Hill's beautiful range.

Is there a brand new April baby in the family? Give mom a pair of April birthstone earrings to celebrate. Have a big anniversary coming up? Why not give your partner an April birthstone necklace with a heart pendant. Or personalize your gift with an initial pendant or an Aries zodiac pendant for a loved one.  

And April birthstone rings, of course, are forever popular, as diamond rings never go out of style.

Those born in April are fortunate to have the beautiful diamond as their birthstone, one of the most popular and sought-after gems in the world.  

Iconic and ever versatile, diamonds as birthstone jewellery can not only add a deeper meaning to a necklace or a ring, but will always stay in style, striking the right balance between elegant and effortless. 

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