Symbolic, meaningful, collectable

Create your personal jewellery look to empower yourself every day; wear one at a time or layer on more to tell your story.

How to style:

  1. Choose your zodiac or motif pendant
  2. Select your favourite chain
  3. Layer up with extra pendants, stones, and chains
  4. Add extra pendants as you mark life moments, or just as you wish.
It's written in the stars

Zodiac Pendants

The zodiac as we know it originated in Ancient Greece. There are 12 signs, based on constellations that the Earth passes through as it revolves around the Sun. Wear your personality, or channel destiny with your personal zodiac talisman. Crafted in 10kt gold with diamonds, they are pieces to treasure.

Symbols that speak to you

Motif Pendants

Resilience, personal growth, protection, power within. Each piece has a unique meaning, and perhaps you’ll also make meanings of your own. Choose the one, or several, that resonate most with you.

Wear your way

Add Your Chain

Curate your personalized jewellery look by styling your meaningful pendants with your favourite chains. Keep it simple with a single pendant, or layer two or more on chains of different lengths to let each piece shine. We also love the look of multiple pendants on the same chain for beautiful texture and dimension.