A Male’s Perspective: Choosing an engagement ring for your partner

Male Perspective - Choosing an Engagement Ring for your partner

Over the 2020 Holidays, we were so delighted to witness a gorgeous couple’s engagement – Holly (@teachme_style) and Lee (@lee_forsberg). Lee found the perfect engagement ring to propose to Holly with the help of our amazing team in Canada, so we asked him to fill us in on his inspiration, what the process was like to secure the final ring, and – most importantly – what Holly’s reaction was.  

Below, he shares his story as a man searching for the perfect ring to pop the question to his partner. If you’re looking for a ring to surprise your love too, or you’d like to give your partner a helping hand to decide, read on! 

1. Going in to Michael Hill, did you already have an idea of the ring style or the sort of diamond you wanted?  

I already had an idea because Holly was very specific in a clean modest ring with a high set diamond. I brought that inspiration into Michael Hill and they knocked it out of the park for exactly what she was looking for.  

2. What was your experience in-store like?  

Michelle and Sydney were amazing. The entire Saskatoon staff was so helpful. Let’s be honest, ring showing for a male can be overwhelming! But they explained all the important details in regards to clarity, colour and cut, even down to the karat of gold in the ring itself.  

It made what would seem like a very difficult decision, so easy. And they made sure that the communication on every single detail was met so Holly and I got what we wanted. 

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@teachme_style and @lee_forsberg Engagement Ring

3. How did you decide on the final ring?  

Because it is so overwhelming, Michael Hill brought in three different options for me. They explained the different certifications behind them and how each ring was different (even though they might see similar). After narrowing it down further, we finally made the selection.  

4. Most importantly, did Holly love her ring?  

Holly LOVED it! It was exactly what she was looking for. The rings I was shown were just like the inspiration picture I shared.  

5. What would be your top tips for someone trying to find the perfect surprise ring for their partner? 

Like most things in life, everything comes down to communication. Communicating your (fiancée’s) needs and wants, and having an extremely helpful staff to find that for you. Michael Hill was amazing at taking what I wanted and building exactly that … and they did that while making it seem like they rolled out the red carpet just for me! It might not seem like a lot, but making you feel special while you’re about to make your future wife feel special, is important! 

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