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5 Diamond Jewellery Styles for your Wedding Day

Complete your look with jewellery to treasure for your wedding day and always.

Bring extra brilliance to your bridal look, with diamond pieces you can treasure and wear for your wedding day and beyond. Whether your individual style is classic and minimal, or detailed and romantic, complete your look with the perfect diamond jewellery styles.  

1. Solitaire jewellery  

Diamond solitaire pieces are timeless, elegant essentials for your fine jewellery wardrobe. Featuring single diamonds in precious metal settings, solitaire designs allow the brilliance of the diamond to purely shine. These minimalist styles are also the perfect match for any engagement ring design. Complete your bridal look with a pair of solitaire studs, or a solitaire pendant. Choose your carat weight for your preferred level of impact. 

2. Tennis Bracelet 

The diamond tennis bracelet is an iconic, must-have fine jewellery piece. Adding extra glamour to your bridal look, your tennis bracelet will be on high rotation in your jewellery wardrobe after your wedding day as well. Available in a range of carat weights as well as white gold or yellow gold settings, find the perfect one for your individual style. Pictured are our tennis bracelet with 6 carats of diamonds; and tennis bracelet with 8.50 carats of diamonds

3. Styling rings

While your ceremony involves the exchange of wedding rings, that’s not to say you can’t add extra pieces to perfect your unique bridal look. Draw additional attention to your engagement and wedding rings, with an extra diamond piece or two. Bring texture and sparkle to your look with diamond bands in unique shapes or a mix of metal colours. Discover dainty styles like our scatter ring featuring mixed diamond shapes; or add impact with our bold emerald cut diamond band.

4. Hoop earrings

A luxury diamond style, with everyday wearability; a pair of shimmering diamond hoop earrings are the perfect accessory for your wedding, that you can also wear again and again after your big day. These pavé hoops feature 0.35 carat of diamonds, and they’re available in yellow or white 10kt gold settings – so you can choose the perfect pair to match your wedding day look and your everyday style.  

5. Diamond pendant

A diamond pendant is an essential finishing touch to your wedding day look. Match your diamond pendant to your engagement ring style, with a solitaire or halo pendant design – such as this diamond halo pendant from our Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal Collection. Wear your diamond pendant again after your wedding day, by layering it with another chain necklace or two to change up your look.

Find the perfect pieces to complete your bridal look, and treasure always. Explore our exclusive Bridal Edit >

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