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Your Guide to Laboratory-Created Diamonds

A marvel of human ingenuity and modern brilliance, we are excited to offer a range of premium laboratory-created diamonds at Michael Hill. The laboratory-created diamonds available at Michael Hill are grown in state-of-the-art laboratories, then crafted into beautiful jewellery from stunning engagement rings to shimmering fashion pieces. Laboratory-created diamonds offer an alternative choice for your fine jewellery or bridal jewellery, allowing you to have an exquisite, premium grade stone at a more accessible price point. Read on to learn more about the newest step in the evolution of diamond jewellery.

What is a laboratory-created diamond?

Laboratory-created diamonds are man-made diamonds that are created by emulating the forces and conditions that cause natural diamonds to form below the Earth’s surface. It is only due to modern technological advancements and incredible innovation that humans have been able to successfully recreate this wonder of nature. Laboratory-created diamonds have essentially the same chemical, physical (including optical) properties and crystal structure as natural diamonds. This means laboratory-created diamonds display the same level of hardness (10 on the Mohs scale) and beautiful sparkle that people love about natural diamonds. They are also made of pure carbon – the same chemical element that forms natural diamonds. Laboratory-created diamonds are not to be confused with diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia, which are made of an entirely different material.

Are laboratory-created diamonds real?

Laboratory-created diamonds are classified as diamonds – it’s important to note that they are recognised this way and are distinct from diamond simulants like cubic zirconia. Laboratory-created diamonds are made of pure carbon, and possess essentially the same chemical, physical (including optical) properties and crystal structure of natural diamonds. The main difference between laboratory-created and natural diamonds is their origin: laboratory-created stones are grown in modern laboratories with innovative methods, and natural diamonds are formed by the Earth over millions of years.

How are they graded?

A laboratory-created diamond is graded on the same characteristics as natural diamonds: the Four Cs (Cut quality, Clarity, Colour grade, and Carat weight). At Michael Hill, we offer laboratory-created diamonds that exhibit premium colour and clarity grades.

Are all of Michael Hill’s diamonds laboratory-created?

No. At Michael Hill we have a wide range of natural diamond jewellery. The only laboratory-created diamonds we offer are within specific Collections. All jewellery featuring laboratory-created diamonds are named as such, and are engraved with ‘LGD’. Many of our pieces featuring laboratory-created diamonds, including all engagement rings, are also accompanied by a Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report indicating the diamond type and quality.

Are laboratory-created diamonds sustainable?

At Michael Hill, we are proud to be an accredited retailer of Certified Sustainability Rated Laboratory-Created Diamonds; in accordance with the SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard Series – Sustainability Rated Diamond from SCS Global Services. The laboratory-created diamonds available at Michael Hill are certified sustainable, climate neutral, and meet the highest level of ethical and environmental responsibility. While we only offer certified sustainable laboratory-created diamonds at Michael Hill, not all laboratory-created diamonds available from other retailers are necessarily certified as sustainable or would meet the sustainability requirements of the SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard – Sustainability Rated Diamonds.

Why would I choose a laboratory-created diamond?

Laboratory-created diamonds offer an alternative choice. People have their own reasons for choosing laboratory-created diamonds. In some cases, they might have their heart set on a premium look or a large carat weight, and our laboratory-created diamond Collections provide options for a luxurious look (and a stone with the same hardness and sparkle that make natural diamonds so loved for engagement rings and timeless jewellery), at a more accessible price.

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