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Our 2030 strategic direction outlines a clear focus in our Product pillar, with the aim that 100% of our products will be sustainable, responsible, or circular. ​

​To achieve this goal, three key areas of focus are pivotal – Product Transparency, Metal Stewardship, and Innovation. ​



100% use of certified sustainable or responsibly sourced natural diamonds, coloured gemstones and cultured pearls. By 2030


100% of Michael Hill’s silver and gold products will be made from certified recycled, responsibly sourced, local or artisanal sources. By 2025


We will pioneer an innovation hub to champion and integrate jewellery circularity, product innovation and Laboratory created diamonds. By 2024

Our Product Evolution

We continue to explore new materials, innovative processes and the latest technologies that are shaping and evolving the jewellery industry towards a more sustainable and ethically responsible future, whilst continuing to provide the quality of jewellery that our customers trust us to create.

We are excited to be launching new sustainable product options through the the rest of this year and into next year, enhancing our current offering of:

  • Conflict-Free Diamonds.

  • Product made locally in Australia.

  • Product made locally in New Zealand.

We will continue to stay at the forefront of sustainable product evolution in our category and will consistently strive to bring more sustainable product solutions to our customers.

Recycle your Gold with Michael Hill

At Michael Hill, we care deeply about creating an ever more ethical and sustainable jewellery industry. And recycling gold is a vital part of that ecosystem. It’s our own way of helping to preserve the planet that gives so generously of her precious gems and metals.

Give new life to your old loves with our gold recycling program. It's simple, you send in your old gold jewellery and receive a Michael Hill gift card in exchange, to purchase a new treasure.  It means we can reduce waste and preserve our earth’s precious raw materials.


Holding the highest industry standards,

to guide where our product is sourced

Michael Hill is a proud, certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC); the peak industry organisation established to advance responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices throughout the diamond, gold and platinum group metals jewellery supply chain. Currently over 85% of our product suppliers are RJC certified, with a goal for 100% suppliers to hold the certification by FY25.

To achieve certified status, RJC members must satisfy a rigorous independent third-party audit that assesses the organisation’s business practices and management systems against RJC’s Code of Practices standards for environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, including human rights, responsible production, and anti-money laundering.

The jewellery and watch industry has a larger ambition to contribute to a better, fairer world. When you buy from an RJC certified member, you are choosing a company that is recognised for its ongoing commitment to put people and planet first.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Michael Hill is committed to offering only conflict-free diamonds in our jewellery.

We purchase diamonds from legitimate sources in accordance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) as supported by the World Diamond Council System of Warranties. As part of our business practices and supply agreements, we require diamond suppliers to warrant that the diamonds are conflict-free.

The KPCS is a joint government, international diamond industry and civil society initiative to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the supply chain.

Conflict-Free Gold

We are committed to using conflict-free and responsibly sourced gold. This means that we do not support activities which cause, support or benefit armed conflict, contribute to human rights abuses or breaches of international humanitarian law and money laundering and terrorist financing. Currently majority of our gold is already conflict free, however we plan for 100% conflict free all gold and silver by 2025. 

In order to comply with our commitments, we source through suppliers who provide assurances that the gold in their products is responsibly sourced and conflict free in accordance with recognised frameworks maintained by leading industry bodies for precious metals, such as the London Bullion Market Association, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre or the Responsible Minerals Initiative. These international frameworks have been recognised by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development and protect the integrity of the global supply chain for the precious metal markets.

Introducing Diamonds with the De Beers Code of Origin

We are proud to carry a range of diamonds from the De Beers Code of Origin Trusted Source Program. The Code of Origin is a customised code unique to your diamond, which provides assurance that it is natural and conflict-free, and was discovered by De Beers in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa or Canada.

The range of diamonds with the De Beers Code of Origin available at Michael Hill are crafted into a stunning capsule of Michael Hill Solitaire rings made in Australia.


Discover Certified Sustainable Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

We are proud to be an accredited retailer of Certified Sustainability Rated Laboratory-Grown Diamonds; in accordance with the SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard Series – Sustainability Rated Diamond from SCS Global Services.

The laboratory-grown diamonds available at Michael Hill are certified sustainable, climate neutral, and meet the highest level of ethical and environmental responsibility.


Made in Australia

Local craftsmanship is one of the founding pillars in the heritage of our business, and we are dedicated to keeping manufacturing industries alive in the markets we operate where possible.

Pieces from several of our exclusive Bridal Collections, as well as select fashion styles, are crafted in our in-house Australian workshop.

From the initial design and 3D-printed resin mould, to the gold casting, diamond sorting and setting, polishing and engraving – bringing our beautiful Made in Australia pieces to life is completed at our in-house workshop in Brisbane, Australia.

Michael Hill first established an in-house workshop in the 1980s, and we are one of the very few jewellers to maintain a retail-led working workshop to this day, having a dedicated team of master craftsmen, diamond specialists and quality control professionals.

Made in NZ

A number of our chain necklaces and bracelets, as well as our most-loved round and oval solid bangles, are crafted for quality and beauty by our New Zealand supplier, Morris and Watson.

Morris and Watson is a fourth generation family business, dedicated to providing beautiful jewellery with quality and fineness. Morris and Watson is also a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.