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Behind the Scenes: Our Bridal Campaign Featuring Anna Campbell

For our recent bridal campaign, we partnered with bridal designer, Anna Campbell, to pair stunning wedding gowns with our exquisite range of engagement rings and wedding bands - including new-in designs to our exclusive Evermore and Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal Collections.  

Anna Campbell is a Melbourne-based Australian designer, known for sophisticated and feminine designs, luxurious materials, and unique hand-embellished finishes. The label’s elegant and intricate dresses helped to create some truly beautiful bridal moments, and to capture a range of individual aesthetics that speak to modern brides.  

We spoke to Anna about her latest collection, what’s coming up, and her top tips for creating a bridal look that’s true to you.  

Can you tell us a bit about your latest Collection? 

Our current collection offers a new level of luxury, suffused with opulent embellishments and intricately embroidered laces.  

The Golden Hour collection introduces a new square neckline which beautifully frames the décolletage. This flattering cut has become a firm favourite amongst brides. Our brides are also increasingly drawn to our beautiful crepe fabric, which is understated and really invites the individual to style her dress in an entirely unique way - think statement jewellery and detailed veils.  

Any hints on what’s coming up? 

Our collection is ever evolving; with each new release we introduce elegant and unexpected silhouettes and custom-designed fabrics. While remaining sophisticated and timeless, our designs are created with our bride front of mind. 

What is most important to the modern bride in styling her perfect look?  

The Anna Campbell bride is unrestrained by tradition, she is seeking a gown that truly compliments her personal style and reflects her unique personality. Gone are the days of bridal trends dictating how a bride should look and feel on their wedding day, it’s all about authenticity and finding a design that compliments the individual.  

How should a bride feel when wearing one of your dress designs? 

Our focus always remains on ensuring that the bride feels entirely like herself. We want for our brides to step into their dress and feel beautiful, joyful, and excited for their day. Finding a dress that invites this feeling will truly set the tone for your wedding.  

You helped to choose the stunning dresses for our recent bridal shoot, to fit our key style themes: Modern Minimalist, Boho Romantic, and Princess Bride. What do these themes mean to you, and how did you go about choosing dresses?  

Designing each collection for the Anna Campbell bride can include a variety of aesthetics, including romantic and feminine or sleek and minimal. While each design can speak to a specific bride it really comes down to how the individual chooses to style their bridal look.  

The three themes we focused on in our recent collaboration can be interpreted uniquely to each individual and this is something we love so much when working with our brides; a dress that to us may be ethereal and classic, can be styled to suit a bohemian celebration and look absolutely beautiful. 

How is jewellery important to finishing a bridal look?  

Jewellery is the finishing touch that truly elevates every bridal look, be it classic and minimal or bold statement pieces. Styling your bridal look adds so much personality and ultimately allows the bride to add memorable pieces, which can then carry through to their everyday wardrobe as a sentimental reminder of one of the most important days of their life.  

What is your top piece of advice for brides-to-be looking for their perfect dress? 

Choosing to work with a designer who understands your vision and truly cherishes working closely with their brides can make the wedding dress process that much more enjoyable. You want to feel comfortable working with the team who are creating your wedding dress, whilst ensuring you honour your own personal style and stay true to your vision for your wedding day. I always recommend to our brides not to overthink it, if you love the way you feel in the dress, then go for it. 

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