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Three Fresh Ways to Style Your Bridal Rings

Your bridal rings, including your engagementwedding, and eternity rings, are not only beautiful symbols of love and commitment – they’re about you and your personal style. After all, these are rings that you’ll wear for life. If you’re looking for some inspiration to style a bridal ring stack that’s unique, fresh, and personal to you, read on for our top tips! 

1. Mix your metals 

One of the most fail-safe guides we often talk about when it comes to jewellery styling, is to stick to one metal colour. This is a simple way to ensure you have a seamless, polished look, and the same thing goes for your engagementwedding, and eternity rings.  

So naturally, if you want a look that stands out from the crowd, mixing your metal colours is the perfect way to achieve it. The three shades of gold also look beautiful together, so you can create a unique look that is still timeless. Here’s how to do it: 

Use white gold as your centrepiece: this applies if you’re planning to mix all three shades of gold into your stack – white, yellow, and rose. Of the three, white gold is the most versatile thanks to its neutral shade, so it will create a harmonious look between each of your rings. 

Start by mixing just two colours: since you will add your wedding band and eternity band at different stages, this will happen naturally. Whatever colour your engagement ring is, play with adding a different shade of gold for your wedding band. Then when it comes to stacking an eternity ring on top, you might choose to match your engagement ring colour, border it with the same colour as your wedding band, or get adventurous with a third colour.  

Add diamonds and texture: this is a sure-fire way to create a beautiful and unique look, and it will be easier to style than stacking three plain metal bands together – especially if you are unused to mixing your metals. Carrying through the diamonds as a consistent motif will create a matching-yet-different look between your rings. Opting for bands with unique shapes will also add to the fresh and playful vibe of your mixed-metal ring stack. 

2. Add an additional band

Traditionally, a bridal stack will consist of three rings: your engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity ring. However, who’s to say you have to stop there? 

Start with your classic three: while you will generally receive or shop for your engagement, wedding, and eternity rings at separate times to mark new relationship milestones, it’s a good idea to think of the overall look you would like to achieve with your bridal ring stack. This way you can select each band with care, to create your unique and personal look.  

Make it your perfect look: adding an additional band to your bridal ring stack is the perfect way to achieve a look that’s just right. It’s also a lovely way to freshen up your look over time, to match your evolving style. Use this additional band as an opportunity to “add on” to your bridal ring stack – whether you have been dreaming of adding more sparkle, a touch of colour with gemstones, or playing with a unique shape. This is also a great opportunity to perfect your mixed metal look! 

Choose an extra ring for meaning, or just because: while your wedding band is worn from your wedding day onwards, and your eternity band is usually received in celebration of a milestone anniversary, or to welcome your first child – there are so many more relationship milestones to celebrate! It could be buying your first home, travelling together for the first time, your children graduating or moving out, or just something that you and your partner overcome together. Your additional band can be used as a special symbol of any milestone – and of course, you can also add a new one just because. 

3. Play with shapes and textures

Your engagement ring might own the spotlight, or you might prefer to amplify your look with each band that you add. Either way, you can create a look that’s unique to you with interesting shapes and textures. Here’s how: 

Create a ‘nested’ ring look: a nested bridal ring look refers to adding bands that surround or ‘nest’ the shape of your engagement ring. For instance, if you have an engagement ring with a round cut centre stone, you can play up its shape and amplify its size with a curved or contoured band, especially if your band is set with diamonds.  

Change the shape of your stack: you can change the overall look and shape of your bridal ring stack with a uniquely shaped band – such as pairing a round shaped engagement ring with a chevron band, or a band featuring diamond cuts that contrast with the stone in your engagement ring. This will create a textured and interesting look.  

Add one unique piece, or go for ‘more is more’: this is your bridal ring stack, so it’s entirely up to your personal taste and style how you pair your rings together. You might choose to add one feature piece, such as a textured or contoured diamond eternity band, and keep your wedding band simple; or stack on the sparkle and texture. Just like our tip above, if you love the look of mixed shapes and textures, you don’t just need to stop at your three classic bridal rings either! 

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