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Woman wearing rose gold bridal ring set

Trending: Rose Gold Bridal Rings (And how to wear them)

Rose gold is the unique choice when it comes to engagement rings and wedding rings. While rose gold is a much-loved shade for bridal that’s ever-increasing in popularity, it’s less common than white gold or yellow gold.  

So, is rose gold a timeless enough choice for your engagement ring and wedding ring? And how should you style your rings to make the most of this pretty shade?  

First things first: 

Are rose gold engagement rings in style? 

Rose gold engagement rings, as well as rose gold wedding and eternity rings, are very much in style. While rose gold has been enjoying increased interest among brides-to-be recently, it is not a new trend.  

Rose gold has featured in precious pieces for over 200 years, and it was especially popular in jewellery and engagement rings in the 1920s - suggesting that this romantic shade is not just trending, it’s here to stay. The rose shade is warm and subtle, so while unique it’s also timeless and flattering for everyone.  

We’ve put together some of our favourite ways to style a rose gold engagement ring – so if you love this stunning shade of gold, you can feel confident to make it yours.

1. Rose gold with diamonds

Diamonds look just as exquisite with a rose gold setting as they do with yellow or white gold. Incorporating diamonds will also allow you to wear rose gold in a way that feels especially timeless, as you mix classic white diamonds with the unique touch of rose gold.  

If you want to mix your bridal ring metals, and just introduce one rose gold ring, choosing styles set with diamonds will ensure you have a cohesive look as they form a motif throughout your ring stack.

2. Try a bridal set 

The simplest way to ensure your rose gold engagement ring and wedding ring look perfect together, is to opt for a bridal set. Bridal sets feature two rings which are specially designed to fit seamlessly alongside each other. If you’re unsure of the best way to style rose gold, or you just want to make sure you have a beautifully matched look, a rose gold bridal set is the perfect choice.  

3. Build on its uniqueness

If you're dreaming of a rose gold engagement ring or wedding ring because you love their uniqueness, embrace it with a truly individual look. Find an engagement ring, wedding ring, and/or eternity ring that combines rose gold with out-of-the-ordinary shapes and detailed designs. Stack up your own beautiful combination of fancy-shaped diamonds, unusual halo styles, and detailed bands to really stand out from the crowd.

4. Continue the theme with morganite 

Rose gold has such a beautiful colour, why not highlight it further by going for an all-over blush look? Just like rose gold, morganite is becoming more and more popular as brides-to-be choose coloured gemstones as the feature of their engagement ring. With its soft, peach-pink tone, morganite allows you to create an interesting statement in a way that is still subtle and timeless; and it’s the perfect match for a romantic rose gold setting. 

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