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Serendipity Collection

How to Style our New Serendipity Collection

Four ways to wear these unique yet timeless pieces.

Our exclusive new Collection, Serendipity by Michael Hill, is a modern, versatile, and playful take on classic style. Our Serendipity pieces feature diamonds, Australian opals, and natural gemstones, with a mix of stone cuts and free-form placements giving each piece an intricate look and an effortless vibe.

Bringing delicate sparkle and understated luxe on their own, our Serendipity pieces are also perfect to add into a layered jewellery look, to curate your individual style.

To inspire you, we’ve created four unique looks featuring the fine necklaces and bracelets in this Collection.

Look 1: Matching Layers

For a modern and unexpected take on a matching look, layer two or more of our exclusive Serendipity styles together. This will create a polished look, but with the dappled effect of the designs, your layers will have interesting facets and texture. Try layering one of the diamond necklaces in the Collection with a gemstone style; or layer two different gemstone pieces for a colourful look. If you want more, add one of the matching bracelets or opal and diamond drop earrings.

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Look 2: Stack with Gold

Highlight the precious metal of our gold Serendipity pieces, and create a unique, trending look by layering with your favourite gold jewellery. Our diamond- and gemstone-dotted necklaces will add delicate shimmer and texture to your classic gold styles. One of our favourite ways to layer our Serendipity styles with gold, is to contrast the fine nature of the pieces with bolder gold chains.

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Look 3: Personalise Your Style

Personalisation is trending in jewellery; and it’s a trend that’s not going anywhere. Fine jewellery is intended to be worn close and often, making it inherently special – so make it even more special to you with pieces that tell your unique story. Our exclusive Serendipity by Michael Hill necklaces look beautiful layered with initial or zodiac jewellery, or with a locket, for added personal meaning.

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Look 4: Mix Up Your Metals

Play on the unique, unexpected vibe of our Serendipity pieces with a mixed-metal look. The yellow gold and sterling silver pieces create a statement contrast, while the diamonds or gemstones will add texture to give you a confident, eclectic look. To ensure your overall look is polished, mix your colours in more than one area – for instance, layer both necklaces and bracelets in mixed metals.

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Add a modern, yet timeless and versatile piece to your jewellery collection with our stunning new Serendipity by Michael Hill Collection. Explore diamond, gemstone, and opal styles, then curate your unique jewellery look. Shop Serendipity >