Men’s Gold Chains & Necklaces

Shop our selection of men’s gold chains and necklaces, crafted to our gold standard in 10kt gold and above.

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A gold chain for men is a stylish and classic accessory that makes a stunning gift for yourself or someone you love. With different weights and lengths available, we’re certain we have the right choice for you at Michael Hill.

  • How to choose the size of a gold chain for men?

    Choosing the weight and length of mens gold necklaces is usually a matter of personal preference. Many of our customers prefer a heavy, thick chain that makes a bold statement, while others prefer the subtlety of a daintier chain. A thicker, heavier gold chain for men is also likely to be more expensive, due to the high quality of the gold used, so budget can be a consideration when making your choice.

  • How to style a men’s gold chain with other jewellery?

    Men’s gold necklaces can be worn as a standalone accessory or styled with other jewellery. Many customers choose to style a men’s gold chain necklace with other Michael Hill jewellery crafted with the same metal, such as a men's gold watch or men's gold rings. You can also choose to layer gold chains, or to mix your gold chain for men with chains of other metals, such as a sterling silver chain for men.

  • Is it okay to sleep with a gold chain on?

    We recommend removing your gold chain before bed to keep it looking its best. While our yellow gold chains are made of durable gold 10kt and above, sleeping in your jewellery can cause unnecessary stress on the chain, and the body’s natural oils will cause the gold to lose its shine over time. If this happens, we recommend you bring your gold chain into Michael Hill for professional, complimentary cleaning to keep your precious jewellery as shiny as the day you bought it.

  • What are popular gold necklace styles for men?

    There are many gold necklace styles that are popular with men. Many men’s gold necklaces are chain style, featuring strong and durable curb links of various sizes, ranging from light, dainty chains to heavy, structural pieces. A gold pendant for men is also a popular choice, as is a mens gold cross necklace. These vary according to personal style, and we always recommend choosing what feels right for you.