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Love our Team


Our 2030 strategic direction shows our focus in our People pillar area, with the aim that we will improve the lives of people across our value chain.  

To achieve this goal, three key areas of focus are crucial – Responsible Suppliers, Empowering Women and being a Great Place to Work.  



100% of all suppliers meet our expectations on their social and environmental impacts. By 2030


Deliver initiatives and develop partnerships focused on empowering and supporting over 100,000 women. By 2030


Michael Hill will maintain a leading workforce engagement score of greater than 80%

Empowering Women Globally

As part of our sustainability commitment and 2030 goals, Michael Hill is dedicated to uplifting women in our communities and supporting organizations that help women in need. We are working to deliver initiatives and develop partnerships with the goal of empowering and supporting over 100,000 women by 2030.

This year, we are proud to partner with Women's Refuge in New Zealand, and Dress for Success in Australia and Canada to support their important work for women in need.

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Responsible Sourcing

From the sourcing of our diamonds, precious stones and precious metals to our retail stores, and in alignment with the Responsible Jewellery Council, Michael Hill respects human rights throughout our supply chain; so you can be assured you are purchasing special pieces that have been ethically sourced.

When renewing future supplier contracts, we place significant weighting on whether a company's ethical and environmental standards are aligned with ours. We also work in partnership with all of our suppliers to ensure only high-quality jewellery is offered in Michael Hill stores and online.

In March 2021 we released our first Modern Slavery Statement, showing the steps we are taking to identify and address the risks of modern slavery in our supply chain. This statement reflects our wider commitment to sustainability and proposes a new lens through which we see our business operate, and you can find a copy of it on our Investor Relations Centre site.

Great Place to Work

At Michael Hill, we continually strive to be a workplace where all team members feel consistently valued, appreciated and encouraged to be their brilliant selves. Together, we are building a culture which fuels innovation, and creates closer connections with our customers and communities.

Our Purpose

At Michael Hill, we are people behind the moments that matter. We are supportive, inclusive, collaborative workplace where all team members are encouraged to be their brilliant self. As a market leading fine jewellery company, we're innovators in our field - and there's always something exciting in the works.

Our Values

At Michael Hill, we continually strive to be a workplace where all team members feel valued, appreciated, and encouraged to be their sparkling self. Our values are truly embraced by all areas of the business and are key to driving our high-performing teams.

Our Leadership Promise

All leaders at Michael Hill are held to the standard of our leadership promise:

"As leaders, we create a high-performance, high-trust culture that is open, honest and committed to excellence. We will treat you with respect and dignity. We will work to develop a good understanding of your work situation and your career aspirations. We will endeavour to help you learn, grow, and realise your career ambitions. We will work to clarity our expectations of you and to ensure that you have the resources necessary to do your job. We will give regular feedback on your performance and recognize appropriately. We will share our strategy, performance, and future potential with your, solicit your input and support, and responsibly empower you to act."

Diversity and Inclusive

We wholeheartedly encourage inclusion, learning, belonging and openness because we understand that having a bright and varied workforce is essential to our success. Our devoted DE&I Committee is made up of a diverse group across each of the countries in which we operate and advances our DE&I agenda. Michael Hill is dedicated to honouring four significant annual occasions that are representative of our various team members:

  • International Women's Day

  • Pride Month

  • World Mental Health Day

  • International Day for People with Disabilities

The Michael Hill DE&I Podcast

At Michael Hill, we have an internal DE&I podcast and learning resources which go deeper into various events and experiences centered around a wide range of cultures, faiths, nationalities, abilities, neurodivergences, and more. In order ot provide genuine insights into our global workforce and how we can practise inclusivity, all team members are encourage to submit ideas and share their own experiences in our podcasts and blogs. Michael Hill also follows up with teams once a year via an optional Pulse Survey, which gives people the chance to comment and provide suggestions for enhancing our DE&I strategy and practices.

Gender Equality in the Workplace

Women play a significant role in our success and we are proud to offer opportunity, development and progression for women in the workforce of all ages and life stages. Gender equality is monitored annually at all levels of the organisation and we are committed to an environment that is free from discrimination and enables women to realise their full potential.

  • Women make up 85% of our global workforce

  • Around the world, women occupy 65% of leadership roles

  • Our workforce is comprised of team members of all ages and phases of life

Supporting our Teams Full Potential

Michael Hill is delighted to provide opportunity, development, and advancement for all team members in the workforce at all ages and stages of life. We are committed to creating an atmosphere free from discrimination and enabling everyone to reach their full potential. Gender equality is assessed yearly at all levels of the company.

Helping our Team Stay Healthy, Safe and Secure

At Michael Hill, safeguarding the health, safety, wellbeing and security of our team members, customers and visitors remains our utmost priority.

We continue to pave the way by embracing flexible work options, collaborating proactively with external stakeholders to establish industry-leading security measures, fortifying our infrastructure to deter criminal activity and implementing assistance programs and benefit schemes that underscore the value we place on our valuable team members at Michael Hill.

As we forge ahead, fueled by our ongoing growth, Michael Hill remains dedicated to expanding our knowledge, presence and approach to health, safety, wellbeing and security.