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Exclusive to Michael Hill

Bridal & Engagement Collections - Hero

Bridal & Engagement Collections

Discover the perfect engagement or wedding ring from our Bridal Collections. From an exclusive diamond cut, to special designs or unique stones; each piece is beautifully crafted to tell your love story.  

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Bridal & Engagement Collections

Exclusive Bridal Collections - Fenix

Fenix Created Diamonds for Michael Hill

Beauty and innovation meet in these premium grade stones.

Exclusive Bridal Collections - SMHDB

Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal

Our signature Collection of intricately crafted rings.

Exclusive Bridal Collections - Southern Star

Southern Star

An exclusive diamond cut, for a sparkle like no other.

Exclusive Bridal Collections - The Solitaire

The Solitaire

The iconic engagement style, beautifully crafted.

evermore diamond ring


Our widest and most diverse range of bridal ring styles.

prelude diamond ring


Emphasising classic designs and larger stones.

Fashion Collections - Hero

Fashion Collections

Find a special piece to celebrate yourself or a loved one from our exclusive Collections. Choose the design you love, or the story that resonates most.

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Fashion Collections

Spirits Bay

Inspired by the Totorere shell, Spirits Bay is a celebration of strength and resilience.


A modern take on classic style. Curate your look around these uniquely designed pieces.


Natural gemstone jewellery in a contemporary colour palette, exclusive to Michael Hill.


Symbolic, meaningful, and collectable pendants.

Diamonds by the Carat

Range of eye-catching diamond jewellery at great value.


Wear Knots as a promise to yourself, or as a reminder of your connection to another.


Impossible to ignore, and even harder to forget, Everlight is for those ready to shine.


Saying a thousand words in a single glimpse, nothing marks a connection like Infinitas.