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Singular Beauty

The solitaire engagement ring is eternally iconic. Featuring a single diamond in a precious metal setting, it takes craftsmanship and design excellence to showcase the pure beauty of this style. At Michael Hill, we're your destination for the best range of diamond solitaire rings; and The Solitaire by Michael Hill is our signature solitaire Collection. It represents perfect balance and outstanding brilliance, crafted in-house in Australia.


A Classic Masterpiece

Our signature and most-loved Collection of solitaire rings for over 15 years, the Michael Hill Solitaire is expertly designed to showcase the beauty of your diamond.

The ring band curves and widens ever so slightly to seamlessly hug the classic prong setting that holds your diamond, with a subtle scallop detail beneath the setting which is signature to this Collection. This lifts your diamond to catch the light for spectacular sparkle, without sitting too high above your finger – creating the ideal balance.


Made in Australia

The rings in our Michael Hill Solitaire Collection are crafted within our workshop in Brisbane, Australia.

Beginning with our in-house casting department, our specially designed ring band and setting are created in rich 18kt yellow or white gold. Our unique 18kt gold alloys are created by our artisans, with the white gold enriched with palladium (a rare, lustrous, and valuable metal in the platinum family).

Next, our diamond specialists hand-select the perfect diamond for each ring. Each ring in this Collection comes with an independent Grading Report detailing the quality of your diamond. Our expert artisans hand-set the diamond, then engrave, polish, and rhodium plate (for white gold) your extraordinary ring; ready to be worn always as a symbol of your love.

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