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A bride wearing Michael Hill diamond jewellery

What’s Trending in Bridal for 2023

Styles to love now and always, according to our Designer.

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring to symbolise your love (and to wear always), it’s a matter of finding the piece you connect with. To help inspire your journey, we spoke to our Designer, Maria Then, for insight into the top trends in bridal for 2023.

Far from focusing on fad design elements that could date, these trends stem from emotional considerations or personalised takes on classic favourites, which feel right for now – and for always. Afterall, a meaningful trend is much bigger than, say, the type of chain chosen for a new necklace design. “It's about connecting with the way you behave, think, and approach things,” says Maria.

While modern, these pieces will be treasured for a lifetime; perfect for one of the most significant and timeless pieces you’ll ever own.

Read on for the top 5 engagement ring trends of 2023, and perhaps find one that you love.

1. Laboratory-grown diamonds

For a jewellery innovation that is relatively new to most countries, interest in laboratory-grown diamonds has increased exponentially. Whether motivated by sustainability considerations, or the desire for a larger or premium quality diamond at a more accessible price point, couples are increasingly choosing these extraordinary stones to celebrate their love.

Our Senior Buyer – Bridal, Ngairie, says, “since introducing our exclusive collection of laboratory-grown diamonds in 2019, it has been our fastest growing Bridal Collection. Sales for the Collection have doubled since last year (2021), highlighting the interest among modern couples for this alternative diamond choice.”

Not to be confused with diamond simulants like cubic zirconia or moissanite, laboratory-grown diamonds are classified as diamonds, and are grown by emulating the forces and conditions that cause natural diamonds to form below the Earth’s surface. You can learn more about these extraordinary stones here.

Discover our Collection of premium laboratory-grown diamond rings >

2. Bridal bands

Brides looking to make a unique statement can find many alternative takes on engagement rings, but one trending approach is to subvert the classic centrepiece of the engagement ring altogether - instead opting for a bold band ring (or stacking more than one).

While this trend diverts from one tradition, diamonds are still the stone of choice for a bridal band. From bold, claw-set bands featuring oval, emerald, or timeless round cut diamonds; to mixed-cut designs, statement five-stone or seven-stone styles, or eternity bands set with diamonds the entire way around - diamond bands as engagement rings allow you to stack up your own unique, personalised look. They also offer a more inclusive approach than traditional engagement rings, serving perfectly as a men’s engagement ring or allowing both members of the couple to match or complement each other’s rings.

Discover our range of diamond bands >

3. Hidden details

For one of their most significant pieces of jewellery, modern brides are increasingly seeking out ways to make their engagement ring feel unique and individual. While this sometimes takes a clear form, such as an unusual design or an alternative gemstone, it’s a more subtle form of personalisation that’s currently trending.

‘Hidden details’ offer an almost secretive individuality, with unique elements that only you know about (but which can be shown off if you choose to). Our signature Designer Bridal Collection offers a hidden diamond pavé feature in most styles, for an intricate touch that can be seen when viewing your ring carefully from the side. This Collection is also distinctive for its signature, hidden pink sapphire in each ring – a tribute to the uniqueness of each love story.

Discover Designer Bridal, and keep an eye out for new styles throughout our Collections coming soon.

4. Fancy cut stones

A fancy cut refers to any gemstone shape other than the most classic, round brilliant cut. An out-of-the-ordinary cut allows you to have a subtle point of difference in your engagement ring, while still choosing something timeless. "This trend stems from a larger desire to return to classic, timeless styles, updated to be fresh and modern,” says Maria.

Trending shapes include emerald cut, pear cut, and marquise cut – but the most popular fancy cut at the moment is the oval. Just as timeless as a round brilliant diamond, the oval cut offers an understated uniqueness with its elongated silhouette. An oval cut diamond is a beautiful, modern yet timeless choice in any engagement ring style; find them in solitaire rings, halo rings, three stone rings, and even diamond bands.

For a more unexpected approach, opt for a three stone or halo engagement ring, or a diamond band, that mixes different cuts; such as pear and round cuts, oval and baguette cuts, or marquise and round cuts.

Explore engagement rings by cut, and look out for new styles featuring fancy cut stones coming soon.

5. Creative halos

The halo engagement ring has long been a classic. This style refers to a centre stone or cluster which is surrounded by a ring of smaller gems, usually diamonds. While this design can be used to create the effect of a larger diamond or overall more eye-catching look, it’s bold, creative halo designs that are on-trend.

Modern creative halos make use of mixed diamond cuts and unusual placements to create intricate or bold shapes; often altering the shape of the centre stone rather than simply amplifying its size. Explore our selection of unique halo rings, including modern floral halos; Art Deco-inspired designs; hidden halos; and scatter halos. Plus, expect a range of new creative halos landing soon.

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