Cluster & Multistone Engagement Rings

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Choosing your cluster engagement ring

For an unmistakably modern look that will wow with its sparkle, you can’t go past a diamond cluster engagement ring. With a range of designs and settings available, a diamond cluster engagement ring could be your perfect forever piece.

  • What are the different styles of multistone rings?

    Multistone or cluster engagement rings are made up of multiple small diamonds that can be arranged to give the illusion of a larger diamond, and can be set in your favourite shape such as oval, round or square.

    This makes diamond cluster rings both versatile and affordable, with modern, clean styles as well as vintage-inspired cluster rings or even beautiful flower cluster rings available.

  • What’s a good wedding ring to match with a cluster engagement ring?

    A cluster engagement ring can be designed to have the look and feel of a larger stone engagement ring, so they usually pair beautifully with your choice of wedding band such as a diamond wedding band.

    For a look that will really make your cluster ring pop, try pairing it with a stunning contoured wedding band, or accent your multistone engagement ring with a diamond enhancer ring that will also look stunning worn alone.

  • What diamond shapes are available with cluster rings?

    As diamond cluster rings are so versatile and can be arranged in any setting, you can find them in almost any shape you desire - from classic round, square, and oval shapes through to pear-shaped clusters, flower clusters, and unique vintage and Art Deco inspired multistone designs.