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Behind the Design: High Jewellery

For the first time, Michael Hill is proud to introduce collections of high jewellery. High jewellery emphasizes creative freedom in design and exceptional craftsmanship, to showcase the finest diamonds and gemstones to their utmost beauty.  

Often featuring stones unique for their quality and size, and spectacular, high-impact silhouettes, high jewellery is in a category all its own.  

Discover also our Signature High Jewellery Collection: dramatic silhouettes which layer and juxtapose fancy cut stones in an artful celebration of light refraction. 

To celebrate the launch of our incredible high jewellery collections, we spoke to our Design Director, Maria Then, to delve into the inspiration, intricate design process, and expert craftsmanship behind the pieces.   

1. Why have we introduced a high jewellery range at Michael Hill?

As the brand elevates and we have introduced The New Era, we want to offer limited edition, one-of-a-kind items to our customers. It gives us an amazing opportunity to highlight the in-house design and exceptional craftsmanship that goes into these pieces.  

2. What makes high jewellery so special?

Each piece is a bespoke creation, with unique design, elevated details, and luxury craftsmanship. Some of the items are created around rare gems in a unique size, cut and colour. 

3. Can you share your design inspiration behind our Signautre High Jewellery Collection?

The Signature Collection was conceived to celebrate our New Era and collaboration with our new Brand Ambassador, Miranda Kerr.  

My goal for the designs was to capture contemporary, modern glamour; a fresh take on red carpet dressing. I wanted the pieces to feel celebratory, like fireworks against a starlit sky. 

To achieve that, we custom cut laboratory-grown diamonds in a multitude of shapes. The emphasis is on dramatic angles, juxtapositions of fancy stone shapes, and the way light is refracted and moved from facet to facet. 

One of the largest pieces, the Signature Origin Necklace, took hours to map out. I laid out each stone by hand, crafting an intricate puzzle to bring my sketches my life and achieve the perfect clash and harmony of shapes. Each stone was then hand linked into a ‘diamond netting.’  

4. Do you have a favourite piece in this collection?

My favourite item would have to be the Signature Waterfall Earring. I love how it frames the face and moves on body. 

5. How and where should people wear our high jewellery pieces?

It really depends on your personal taste, as our Signature High Jewellery Collection is quite versatile. Some designs, such as the Signature Origin Necklace or Signature Waterfall Necklace, are best suited to gala or formal events with their lavish proportions. But others, worn as a singular statement piece, can create a centrepiece to elevate any look or occasion; particularly the Signature Half Moon Earring and the Signature Linear Earring.  

Discover designer jewels of magnificent beauty. Explore our High Jewellery collections.