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Hero Image - Dina

Dina Broadhurst x Michael Hill: Behind the Exclusive Artwork

In concepting the immersive experience of our first Global Flagship store, based in Chadstone, Australia, our team sought out a collaboration with an artist who could encapsulate the contemporary nostalgia at the heart of Michael Hill’s New Era. Our new chapter honours the concept of looking back to look forward and celebrating our heritage while creating a modern fine jewellery experience.  


We are thrilled to exhibit an exclusive artwork, created for us by Australian artist, Dina Broadhurst. Having displayed her unique works within Australia and across the globe, Dina’s refined aesthetic has become iconic for her dramatic large scale showcases of allure, turning the world of luxury into portals for self-discovery, reflection, and growth.  


Her bold pieces feature layers of imagery, creating depth and complexity with added three dimensional elements that work harmoniously to create captivating contemporary works. 

“Through my artistic visual language a piece always tells a story using prompts of memory, history, emotion, and layers, evoking the senses and taking the viewer on a journey; creating mystery, desire and allowing the viewer to weave their own stories and narratives through the experience of the work. - Dina Broadhurst.

Entitled Infinity, 2024, we spoke to Dina about the inspiration and process behind this work that beautifully celebrates our heritage and our future.   

Infinity, 2024 by Dina Broadhurst.

1. What were your thoughts on capturing Michael Hill’s New Era through art? 

Dina: Collaborating with Michael Hill to embody their new brand direction was so beautifully aligned with the themes within my art - elegance, luxury, timelessness and raw beauty. 


2. What was your design inspiration, and how did you choose the foundational elements?

Dina: Starting with a ‘base’ work I was able to access a range of images from the Michael Hill archives that spoke to me and told a story of heritage and moments. And the choice was a clear stand out, a life moment that had all the charm of times gone by and special moments we hold in our minds, while still seeming so modern and hopeful of future joyful moments. 

This particular image not only spoke of all that, but also came from a campaign that represented the founders of the brand, Lady Christine and Sir Michael, so it had it all, true heritage and beauty. 

 3. What are some of the details that make this artwork so unique?   

Dina: Product photography of specialty and rare diamonds were used as layers over the original photograph digitally to create a new story, to abstract, to allow your own interpretation and interaction, to make you look further and see what lies beneath and interact more deeply with the story of the original image by leaving parts hidden and left to the imagination.  

And to complete the piece and bring it all together I always then work away from the digital and use my hands and materials on top of the paper to create rawness, spontaneity, and energy to bring the final layers of life to the piece.  

I chose gold leaf in my classic dripping technique to create further mystery; concealing and revealing parts of the original image and highlighting and reflecting elements of both the photographic work and the real life sparkle of the jewels. The introduction of a new brand colour palette of Green Onyx was also added to the mainly monochrome palette and gold, in flickers of paint slashes to highlight and add the final energy and spark. 

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