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Yellow Gold Ring Stacks and Yellow Gold Locket

Gold on Gold: 3 Ways to Style Gold Jewellery

Yellow gold jewellery is about as timeless as it comes. The most classic shade, it’s an essential in every chic jewellery wardrobe. It’s also highly versatile, pairing beautifully with all types of outfits for any occasion and styling perfectly alongside your favourite diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery.  

At Michael Hill, our gold jewellery is crafted from precious gold in 10kt purity (or higher), so you can find a new favourite piece and know that it is made to treasure for years to come.  

Unsure how to start or build up your essential gold jewellery collection? To inspire you, we’ve pulled together the top four gold jewellery styling ideas with the help of some of our favourite fashion influencers.  

1. Fine and timeless

Images by: @fassionfruitgirl (first) and @monicadong (second) 

If you’re new to wearing yellow gold jewellery, delicate pieces in classic designs are great to begin your jewellery wardrobe with. (Fine styles are also an affordable option for building your collection, compared to bolder pieces).  

Start with a simple, versatile piece that you’ll love to wear every day and that you can style with multiple outfits; such as classic hoops and a fine chain (as worn by @fassionfruitgirl), or a locket necklace for a little extra detail (as styled by @monicadong).  

@fassionfruitgirl’s advice for perfecting your delicate gold jewellery look is: “A pendant necklace or chain is perfect to be the focus, then adding either one simple bracelet or one ring would be enough to finish the look. It brings a bit more detail but does not exaggerate the look.”  

2. A little bolder

Images by: @ashlinglorger (first) and @fassionfruitgirl (second).  

Do you prefer to style more of a stand-out look? Timeless jewellery shapes in bolder proportions should be your go-to.  

Classic designs such as belcher chains, paperclip chains, thick hoop earrings, and dome rings are always in style – especially worn in the timeless yellow gold shade. As @ashlinglorger says, “lustrous gold jewellery will forever enhance any outfit for any occasion, day or night.” 

To achieve a bold yet timeless gold jewellery look, simply pair two statement pieces, such as a bracelet and ring, or a chain necklace and hoop earrings. You can also build on your look by stacking additional styles in the same area, or adding extra pieces in different areas.  

Unsure which bold gold piece to start with? @fassionfruitgirl suggests, “starting with a pair of bold hoops is always a good idea. Go with a small or medium sized bold hoop, it will easily go with any outfit and plays an important role to highlight the whole look.”  

3. Buildable layers

Images by: @sakuramatches (first) and @fassionfruitgirl (second).  

So you have your essential gold jewellery pieces and now you’re ready to experiment with some different looks?  

The simplest way to change up your jewellery look, whether for a special occasion or just for day to day, is to begin layering your favourite pieces. An easy and on-trend look to try is layered necklaces. Start by layering two necklaces at a time; if you stick to your classic chain necklaces in the same metal colour, you can’t get this look wrong! Styling two pieces with different textures and lengths will create interest and make your necklace layers stand out. 

Another influencer-approved way to layer your jewellery is to stack rings. Start with two gold rings and either stack them on top of each other, or wear them side-by-side on two fingers. Play around to see which look you prefer. Just like layering your necklaces, mixing up the weights and textures of your rings allows you to curate your perfect look.  

The best part about layering your jewellery is that it allows you total freedom to mix, match, and ultimately create a look that’s all your own. You can start with layering two pieces at a time, and build up to bold stacks when the mood strikes. 

As @sakuramatches says, “I wanted to show how the jewellery I selected can elevate an easy everyday outfit. You can play around with the jewellery, remove and add pieces depending where you are going and what you are doing.” 

Explore our gold favourites:

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