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How To Use Our Virtual Ring Try-On Feature

When it comes to buying a new ring online, you want to ensure that you get it just right. Aside from achieving the perfect ring fit, it’s important to know how it will look on your hand – especially for the most significant purchases, such as an engagement ring.

At Michael Hill, we craft fine jewellery designed to be chosen with care with treasured for many years to come; whether you are purchasing for yourself or choosing a special gift.

While many people prefer to shop in-store for fine jewellery, we understand that it’s not always possible to shop in-person – particularly when you’re just in the browsing stage. In order to make shopping for a precious new piece online a little more convenient (and reliable), we have introduced a virtual ring try-on tool that you can use while shopping online.

Our virtual try-on feature for rings allows you to explore our beautiful range online and see how your favourites will look on your hand, before committing to your perfect choice.

Our online ring try-on tool uses augmented reality to place our rings onto an image of your actual hand, meaning you can enjoy the full try-on experience that you would get in-store, all from the comfort of your home. With this tool, you’re getting an authentic and complete look at how a ring’s proportions, shapes, and size will look on your finger in real life.

This feature is perfect if you’re deciding between diamond carat weights, if you’ve fallen in love with a fancy diamond shape or uniquely designed ring but aren’t quite sure if it’s for you, or simply if you want to find a complementary piece to add to your fashionable ring stack.

Whether you are browsing for an engagement ring, a promise ring, or another special piece for yourself or a loved one, our virtual try-on feature is here to assist you in making the perfect choice.

Our virtual ring try-on tool is completely web based. Use the feature at any time while you’re browsing our range of rings in our online store. There’s no need to download an additional app.

Read on to discover exactly how it works.

1. Find the try-on icon

Start exploring our range of Michael Hill rings and engagement rings online. The ‘Try On’ icon will appear on all product pages where the feature is available.

2. Take or upload a photo of your hand

If you’re browsing on your desktop, you can upload a photo of your hand, or use a model hand to see how the ring will look. If using your smartphone, you can instantly snap a picture of your hand to view the ring. Feel free to re-take the picture as many times as needed until you have one that you’re happy with. For best results, ensure you separate your fingers and use a contrasting background.

3. Position and view the ring however you wish

Our technology uses artificial intelligence to create a 3D model of your hand, which is then used to simulate the experience of trying on jewellery in real life. Augmented reality overlays our pieces onto the 3D model, allowing you to see how they look on you. The ring image will automatically adjust to your finger size, and you can move the ring from finger to finger to decide where you would prefer to wear it. You can try on as many rings as you wish, in your own time.

4. Screenshot to save your photos

If using your smartphone, screenshot your favourite images to save them for future reference (or to share with a friend!).

Our virtual ring try-on tool at Michael Hill takes the guesswork out of shopping for rings online. With the ability to accurately view a ring’s shape and proportions on an image of your hand, you can choose the perfect ring to add to your forever-collection, or to gift a loved one.

If you are exploring engagement rings, our virtual try-on feature is the perfect way to narrow down your preferred diamond shapes, carat weights, and ring styles; and you can send screenshots to your partner or to your friends and family, to ultimately help you partner choose the perfect one for you.

Start exploring our beautifully crafted range of rings and engagement rings online, and virtually try-on your favourites.

For extra special purchases such as engagement rings, our team of Jewellery Specialists are also here to assist. As well as using our virtual try-on feature, you can book a Virtual Consultation for help to decide on your perfect piece. Or, book an In-Store Appointment and try on your narrowed-down selection in real life before making your final decision. Click here to book your appointment.

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