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Two Cluster Multi Stone Engagement Rings

How to Style Your Engagement Ring: Multi-Stone

A unique ring doesn’t have to limit your styling options.

Creating your perfect bridal ring look doesn’t stop with your dream engagement ring. There’s also your wedding band to consider, as well as an eternity ring in future – and maybe another to signify important life moments, or just to curate your individual look.  

Multi-stone and cluster rings, especially those with intricate designs or unique shapes, can be slightly trickier to style than the more classic ring types.  

However, choosing a unique multi-stone engagement ring doesn’t need to limit your wedding band and eternity ring choices. To inspire you in styling your bridal ring stack, we’ve created three different looks using some stunning NEW designs from our exclusive Evermore Collection

These beautiful rings feature a centrepiece stone framed by delicate clusters of smaller diamonds, for a sparkling constellation effect.  

1. Emphasise curves with a contoured band

For a multi-stone engagement ring with a round or oval shape, emphasise and amplify its beautiful curved shape with a contoured wedding band. A contoured band will follow the shape of your engagement ring to showcase its full beauty. If you love extra sparkle, a contoured wedding band with diamonds is the perfect choice.

For this look, we have paired our Evermore Oval Scatter Ring with 0.63 Carat TW of Diamonds, with our Evermore Wedding Band with 0.24 Carat TW of Diamonds.

2. Create a unique shape with a contrasting eternity band

Whether you have opted for a simple wedding band, or one with a unique shape or extra sparkle, why not get creative with your eternity band? As you add to your bridal ring stack to mark anniversaries and other significant moments, you can pair different ring styles the mean something to you and that reflect your personal style. After all, these are the most personal pieces of jewellery you’ll wear.

A unique option to try is contrasting the shape of your engagement ring with your wedding and/ or eternity bands. For this look, we have paired our Evermore Oval Scatter Ring with 0.63 Carat TW of Diamonds, with our Chevron Ring with 0.24 Carat TW of Diamonds, combining the timeless oval shape with a contemporary geometric look. You can achieve a similar look with your wedding band, or an extra ring stacked on top of your traditional three.

3. Amplify your look with an enhancer

For a bridal style unlike anyone else’s, create a spectacular look by pairing an intricately detailed engagement ring with a unique diamond enhancer. An enhancer is a double-rowed ring which is designed to frame your engagement ring on each side. Traditionally paired with a solitaire diamond ring, you can also pair an enhancer with any other engagement ring style that fits it.

To create this eye-catching, intricately detailed look we’ve paired our new Evermore Scatter Halo Ring with 0.73 Carat TW of Diamonds, with our Evermore Enhancer Ring with 0.33 Carat TW of Diamonds.

Searching for an engagement, wedding, or eternity ring (or all three) that reflects your unique style? Explore our exclusive Evermore Bridal Collection › 

For expert assistance to find the perfect ring for you or your partner, book a free consultation with our team. Book your Appointment

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