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Gold Rings with Diamonds on Woman's hand

How to: Style a Statement Ring Stack

A guide to making this trending look your own. 

Want to know how to create your perfect ring stack? Starting with your statement piece and a few simple guidelines, you can create a fashionable stack that looks cohesive and expresses your personal style.   

Stacking your rings is not only a great way to tap into a fashionable look, it’s a jewellery trend that lets you freely customise, curate, and make your look your own. You can create a go-to stack for every day featuring versatile ring styles, or change up your stack to match your different outfits and moods.   

If you’re unsure where to start, or you’re just looking for some extra layering inspiration, see our guide below for getting your ring stack right.   

Step 1: Choose your statement ring

Start with your centrepiece ring. This could be a bold design in simple, precious metal, a diamond ring, a coloured gemstone ring, or an heirloom piece. Starting with your statement piece (or whichever ring you most want to wear) means you can then style the rest of your ring stack to complement it. We’ve started this bold look with our Pavé Ring with 1.50 Carat TW of Diamonds.

Step 2: Match it with a Minimalist Ring

Now it’s time to start stacking! Complement your statement ring (while ensuring it remains your centrepiece) with a simpler piece in the same precious metal. We’ve highlighted the yellow gold setting of our bold diamond ring by pairing it with our Narrow Polished Dome Ring in 10kt Yellow Gold.

Step 3: Build Your Stack

Style a look that’s unique to you, by stacking extra rings to create an overall look that you love. Sticking to the same metal colour and gemstone type will ensure you keep your look polished; however, you can also play with adding different coloured gemstones or mixing your metals. For this look, we’ve kept it refined yet interesting by stacking additional yellow gold and diamond rings, and introducing a range of textures and silhouettes.

When it comes to stacking your rings, don’t think you need to restrict yourself to certain styles. Here, we’ve added a diamond wedding band worn as a fashion ring, along with our Bead Stacker Ring in 10kt Yellow Gold.

Step 4: Bookend your Statement Ring

Balance out your ring stack by placing some fine, complementing rings on the other side of your statement piece. We have kept this look polished by continuing the yellow gold theme, stacking our Small Curb Link Ring and Twisted Band Ring, both in 10kt yellow gold.

If you want more of a statement, you can stack additional (or bolder style) rings onto the same fingers, or on your other hand.

The beauty of the stacked ring trend is that you can make it totally your own. You can style your stack to be bolder, finer, more colourful or refined each day, depending on your mood. Experiment with creating different looks that express your personal style.

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