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Collection of Seiko watches

Heritage Meets Innovation: Seiko Watches now at Michael Hill

We are proud to introduce once again a range of Seiko watches, now available online and in select stores at Michael Hill.  

“Always one step ahead of the rest”, Seiko is a renowned global watchmaker with an esteemed history dating back to 1881. The Seiko story began with a young entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, who opened a shop in Tokyo selling and repairing watches and clocks. Several years later, Kintaro Hattori established a clock making factory. In 1895, he created the company’s first pocket watch, and in 1913, Japan’s very first wristwatch.  

The Seiko history of innovation and entrepreneurship continues to this day. Seiko offers a range of timepieces that focus on innovative technology and the best of Japanese craftsmanship, quality, and aesthetics. 

Timepieces from several premium Seiko collections are available now at Michael Hill, including:


Challenging every limit, with timepieces made for sport lovers and adventure seekers whether in the water, sky or land. Since launching Japan’s first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko’s innovative technology has changed global standards.  


Presage combines a Japanese aesthetic sense with traditional craftsmanship and Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking skills in an original collection that offers beauty, quality and long-lasting performance. 


Taking technology to the next level with the world's first GPS solar watch. The Astron adjusts at the touch of a button to your time zone and, by taking all the energy it needs from light alone, never needs a battery change. 


Select Coutura pieces are available at Michael Hill. Classic everyday style and desirable perfection meet in this range. New perpetual chronographs and kinetic watches offer the most advanced environmentally-friendly watch technology. 

Le Grand Sport

Select Le Grand Sport pieces are available at Michael Hill. A timeless sports dress collection perfect for all day wear or any formal occasion, Le Grand Sport combines precise function with luxury adornments.

This stylish, high-quality range of timepieces from Seiko is now available alongside our own Michael Hill watch range, expanding our offering of meticulously crafted watches which are also beautiful to wear.  

This introduction also expands our range of accessory offerings for men, with a wide selection of stylish pieces to choose from that will become staples in every man’s wardrobe.  

Michael Hill watches are an integral part of our brand’s story. The story began many years ago with Sir Michael Hill’s great-grandfather, and the six generations of family watchmaking expertise and lineage of master craftsmen before him.  

Inheriting this passion for craftsmanship, Sir Michael Hill trained as a watchmaker when he left school; before learning the jewellery trade and later establishing the Michael Hill brand. Discover our watchmaking heritage combined with modern design ›

Explore premium timepieces by Seiko. Shop Seiko at Michael Hill ›

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