Gifts for your Friends

Discover the perfect gifts for your friends at Michael Hill. Whether you are searching for a birthday gift, special occasion gift, or best friend gift idea, our jewellery pieces make a beautiful gesture. Choose something in your friend's favourite type of precious metal for something they will wear everyday, or make them feel extra special with a diamond or gemstone piece.

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Jewellery Gift Ideas for Friends

Jewellery makes a heartfelt and thoughtful gift for a friend, something they will keep for a lifetime and will remind them of you every time they wear it. Shop our selection of presents for best friends, old friends and new friends at Michael Hill.

  • Is jewellery a good birthday gift for a friend?

    Jewellery makes an excellent gift for any occasion, and is a lovely and personal birthday gift to give a friend. Selecting jewellery as a gift is an opportunity for you to show your friend how well you know them, choosing something that reflects their personal style as well as their needs. When selecting a birthday present for a best friend, you may try to select something that is meaningful to both of you or reflects a shared interest or experience.

  • What’s the best jewellery gift for a female friend?

    There is no right or wrong jewellery gift to give a female friend, but there are some considerations you should make when selecting your gift. Firstly, consider what jewellery your friend typically wears and what she might need. This will help you decide if you want to purchase a women’s necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings. It might also help you to determine the style of jewellery you purchase - something modern and fashion forward, such as thread earrings or a chain necklace, or something classic such as pearl studs. You should also think about what precious metal she likes to wear, such as sterling silver or a particular shade of gold.

    Some gift ideas for friends might be pieces that reflect the strength of your bond, such as an infinity necklace or bracelet, signifying you will be friends forever. In general, a necklace makes a wonderful gift for a friend, and you may even select matching necklaces to display your close friendship. This can also be done with rings, and you can take your friend along to a Michael Hill store to select matching friendship rings together.

    For more friendship jewellery ideas, explore our guide here.

  • What’s the best jewellery to personalize for a friend?

    Personalized jewellery brings an individual touch to your selection, and is a popular gift for friends. Our initial necklaces make excellent friendship necklaces, allowing you and your friend to wear the same necklace in a personalized way. A selection of our heart pendants and heart bracelets are easily personalized with engraving and make a gorgeous gift for friends, as do our identity bracelets. A solid sterling silver or gold bangle can also be personalized with engraving, or engraved with a special message or date that means something to you and your friend.