Stackable Rings

Shop our range of stackable rings crafted from sterling silver and yellow, white and rose gold. Stacker rings are ideal for layering, whether on the same finger or on multiple fingers, to create your unique look.

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Stacking Rings

The only thing better than one precious ring is two, three or four! Stacking rings make a bold fashion statement, and our extensive range of stackable rings make expressing yourself easy.

  • Can you wear different precious metal rings together?

    Stacking rings is an art that is very much down to you, and when done in a way that reflects your personal style the possibilities are endless. Wearing different precious metals together, such as sterling silver stacking rings with rose gold stacking rings, is a popular choice and provides a beautiful contrast. It also gives you additional options with your other jewellery, allowing you to choose which metal you’d like to tie in with your stacking rings.

  • In what order do you stack rings?

    There’s no right or wrong order for you to stack your rings, and it can be fun to play around with different combinations to see what feels right to you. Typically when creating a stack of three rings, the largest feature ring, which may be a stone set ring or wide band ring, sits in the middle. This is then framed by two smaller rings, which can be simple band rings or can also feature stones, such as a diamond stacking ring or dainty promise ring. If you would like to build on your stacked-ring look, complement it with a smaller stack on another finger to tie your whole look together.

  • Which finger do you wear stackable rings on?

    Sterling silver and gold stacking rings can be worn on any finger you choose, but as you need space to stack multiple rings, the middle three fingers are a popular choice. If you are married, you’ll likely wear your engagement ring stacked with your wedding and/or eternity rings every day. You can complement this and draw extra attention to it with a ‘fashion stack’ on your middle finger. However you choose to stack your rings, ensuring that it feels authentic to your personal style will mean you look and feel confident.

  • Which finger do you wear stackable rings on?

    Gold and sterling silver stacking rings should be the same ring size if you want to use them for a specific finger - this will ensure they fit correctly and feel comfortable. To find out your ring size, download our ring size guide. Stacked rings can, however, be any width or shape that you desire. You can contrast a large, wide band ring with a dainty ring, for example, or pair a bold stone set ring with a simple sterling silver or gold band. Let your personality shine!