Womens Silver Rings

Browse our selection of beautifully crafted sterling silver rings for women, from silver band rings to stackable rings, gemstone rings and more.

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Sterling Silver Rings for Women

Sterling silver jewellery is a popular choice for many women, and at Michael Hill we have a variety of sterling silver rings perfect for any style or occasion.

  • What jewellery to wear with a silver ring?

    How you wear your sterling silver jewellery is a reflection of your personal style, and you can play with different combinations to make your jewellery reflect your personality. Women’s silver rings look beautiful paired with other sterling silver jewellery, such as silver bracelets or bangles, silver earrings and silver necklaces. Silver statement rings are also beautiful paired with certain precious stones, such as diamonds, pearls or opals. You may choose to mix and match your precious metals, wearing your silver rings with rose or yellow gold to create a striking contrast.

  • How to layer a silver ring with other rings?

    Stacking your sterling silver rings makes a bold fashion statement and is a beautiful way to showcase a range of jewellery. Typically a stack would comprise three rings, with your feature ring stacked in the middle. This may be a large stone set ring, framed with a women’s sterling silver band ring or daintier stone set ring on either side. Feel free to experiment when stacking your silver rings - the possibilities are endless.

  • How to care for a silver ring?

    Sterling silver rings boast a beautiful shine and with proper care you can keep your silver ring shining for years to come. Silver rings should be stored in a box when not worn, and contact with water should be avoided where possible, with sterling silver jewellery removed and stored safely when showering or swimming. Sterling silver jewellery can be cleaned and polished to renew its shine and return to looking as lustrous as the day you got it. Bring your women’s silver rings in to a Michael Hill store for professional, complimentary cleaning to keep them shining.