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Engagement Rings to Suit Your Star Sign

Inspiration to find the perfect one, with @Astrotash.

Unsure where to start searching for your perfect engagement ring? With so many beautiful styles to choose from, as well as diamonds, gemstones, and your setting colour – there’s much to consider. 

To help inspire you, we asked our favourite Astrologist, Natasha Weber – AKA @Astrotash – to share the engagement ring styles that each zodiac sign is likely to love.  

Natasha says, “your astrological style signature is a great guide when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, but there’s more to it than just your Sun sign. While your Sun sign provides a great starting point, your Rising sign, which represents your outward aesthetic, and love planet, Venus, offers more accuracy.” 

Scroll down for engagement ring inspiration according to your star sign! 

Aries Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

A big, flashy gemstone in a gorgeous colour sets your heart alight when it comes to an engagement ring. And you can always add a diamond or two on each side for extra bling. You are a trendsetter, Aries, so others will be inspired by your engagement ring style.

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Taurus Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

Ruled by luxurious Venus, you adore the finer things in life. So, receiving a stone in an opulent setting transports you to your happy place. And because Venus is the love planet, an over-the-top romantic proposal with all the bells and whistles is an absolute must.

See Halo Engagement Rings >

Gemini Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

Make it a double! As a multifaceted and multitalented sign, Twins love two of everything. Why not pair your engagement ring with a matching diamond band? So that both rings perfectly complement each other in the same way that your dual nature shines doubly bright.

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Cancer Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

You’re a sentimental softie who has dreamed about the perfect wedding since childhood. A ring with meaning and nostalgic attachment wins your heart. Choose something similar to your beloved grandmother’s ring, or a style, stone or shape symbolising a special memory you and your partner share.

See Vintage Style Engagement Rings >

Leo Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

A diva at heart, your personal style screams, “look at me!” It’s not that you want quantity over quality; you just want, well... you want it all! And why not? You’re a fabulous Lioness and a shameless showoff, so your jewellery should be worthy of attention. A stunning solitaire set in gold has your name all over it.

See Solitaire Engagement Rings >

Virgo Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

Your understated aesthetic is classically beautiful, and the same can be said for your taste in jewellery. When it comes to engagement rings, simple, clean lines appeal to you, making a diamond on a plain white gold band a winner. Your modern, minimalist style prefers less over more.

See White Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings >

Libra Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

Your jewellery style oozes elegance with a touch of luxury. Ostentatious isn’t you, but you do deserve something super special, Libra. A halo ring with gorgeous detailing offers the perfect balance between subtlety, class and wow-factor.

See Halo Engagement Rings >

Scorpio Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

Your personal style reflects the raw, real you, which isn’t light and fluffy; it’s deep and intense. When selecting an engagement ring, your partner (who will be well acquainted with your emotional depth) should choose a ring that portrays your personal power. A dark sapphire stone is your perfect pick.

See Gemstone Engagement Rings >

Sagittarius Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

You’re always on the go, exploring, adventuring and travelling, so an engagement ring in a high setting won’t suit your sporty lifestyle. Drop the hint, Saggie; you need a modern ring that matches your active pace. Go for something sleek and smooth, and consider rose gold to compliment your fire sign status.

See Rose Gold Engagement Rings >

Capricorn Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

Forget fancy; your no-fuss, no-frills aesthetic demands classic, timeless shapes and styles. There’s something about you, Capricorn, that’s reminiscent of a film noir - you’re like a movie star from a bygone era. Modern looks don’t captivate you, but vintage styles do. Your ideal engagement ring? A three-stone setting with a diamond side accent.

Shop Three-Stone Engagement Rings >

Aquarius Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

You’re all about the greater good, Aquarius. So, an ethically sourced stone is a must when buying an engagement ring. Look for a conflict-free diamond in a setting that reflects your futuristic style - you’re a modern girl through and through. A design with a twist shows off your original flair.

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Pisces Sun, Rising & Venus Signs

The dreamer of the zodiac, you’re the sign most likely to manifest their perfect engagement ring. Even if you don't have official wedding plans yet, you probably have a Pinterest page dedicated to all things bridal. You fantasise about a boho wedding with a laid-back vibe and wearing flowers in your hair. Say "yes" to a ring that's as dainty and delicate as your disposition.

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