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Jewellery Gift Ideas for Meaningful Moments

Life is made up of so many meaningful moments; from those that are celebrated regularly, like birthdays and holidays, to once-in-a-lifetime occasions. For those moments that feel extra special, it calls for a thoughtful and lasting gift to help mark the moment.

Fine jewellery always feels thoughtful and personal, as it’s made to be worn close and treasured long after the moment it’s given.

If you have an occasion coming up that deserves a special gift, we’ve curated our top jewellery gift ideas that your loved ones will cherish.  

Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity and reminder to celebrate the love in your life. Not just a romantic occasion, Valentine’s Day is a moment to celebrate the most important people to you – from close friends to your partner and family members.  

Whoever you want to gift for Valentine’s Day, show your love with a thoughtful piece designed to treasure.  

  • Heart jewellery – a clear and simple symbol of your love. With our wide range you can find the perfect, meaningful piece to suit your loved one’s style. Discover puff heart necklaces and lockets for a classic, statement look; and understated mini heart necklaces and engravable pendants for a modern, on-trend approach.  

  • Personalised jewellery– show them you know them with a carefully chosen piece that reflects their personality. Engravable jewellery, birthstone jewellery, initials and zodiacs are all on-trend and meaningful gift ideas.  

  • Modern essential jewellery– perfect for gifting your best friend, partner, or a sibling, choose a modern yet timeless style they will wear on repeat. A classic bangle or bracelet, chain necklace, or pair of hoop earrings in precious metal are ideal modern keepsakes.  

  • Promise ring– a tangible and timeless symbol of your connection to a loved one. Whether you give one as a best friend ring, or give one to your partner as a promise of everything that’s to come.   

Gifts for Mother's Day

Mums and mother figures deserve to be celebrated and appreciated every day, so Mother’s Day is an important moment to let them know just how much they are loved.  

For an extra special gift, our symbolic jewellery styles are designed to be treasured and can be worn each day as a tangible reminder of your special bond. Some of our favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas include: 

  • Spirits Bay jewellery – our exclusive heritage Collection, designed by Lady Christine Hill, is inspired by the Totorere shell found in New Zealand. A natural symbol of strength and resilience, it’s the perfect sentiment to celebrate the unending love of mothers.  

  • Love jewellery - for all that mothers give, love is the driving force. Celebrate with a piece she can wear each day to be reminded of love in return. 

  • Lockets – the perfect meaningful and timeless gesture for Mother’s Day, a locket will let her wear her favourite memories and loved ones close. 

  • Personalised jewellery – a beautiful gift idea, especially for someone celebrating their first Mother’s Day as a parent or guardian. Gift a piece of initial jewellery in the first letter of their new baby’s name, or choose an engravable piece and have the baby’s initials, full name, or date of birth engraved. 

Gifts for Anniversaries

Each new year of love and shared memories with your partner deserves to be celebrated. Whether celebrating your relationship or wedding anniversary, here’s our edit of beautiful jewellery gifts for milestone celebrations: 

  • Eternity rings – as well as the engagement ring and wedding band, an eternity ring is the traditional third bridal ring. Stacked on top of the engagement ring (for those who like to wear all three at once), an eternity ring symbolises everlasting love. Traditionally a band with diamonds set all the way around, you can give (and wear) any type of ring you love as an eternity band. If you are choosing one as a surprise for your partner, we recommend a ring in the same precious metal colour as their wedding and engagement ring.  

  • Infinity jewellery – for a relationship milestone when you aren’t married, or for any anniversary you are celebrating, infinity jewellery offers a beautifully clear and simple sentiment. Representing ‘forever’, infinity jewellery may take the form of a ring, earrings, bracelet, or necklace. Choose the piece that will complement your partner’s personal style. 

Gifts for Birthdays

Celebrating a close friend or family member’s birthday? Give them a gift they will treasure for years to come, with our edit of personalised jewellery gift ideas: 

  • Birthstone jewellery – the perfect, meaningful gift for birthdays. There is a beautiful gemstone associated with each month of the year, making it simple to choose a personal gift for your loved one.  

  • Zodiac jewellery – similar to birthstones, there is a star sign linked to your loved one based on their date of birth. Find their sign, then choose a meaningful piece of zodiac jewellery to celebrate everything that makes them unique. 

  • Initial jewellery – personalisation is a forever-trend in fine jewellery, and initial styles are the perfect way to embrace the look. Gift your loved one a gold, silver, or diamond-adorned piece with their own initial, or the initials of someone close to them (for example, their children’s or partner’s initials).  

Gifts for Graduations and Achievements

For high school and higher education graduations, promotions, new jobs, and other achievements you wish to celebrate with loved ones, we have curated our top jewellery gift ideas they can wear and treasure as a reminder of their special moment. 

  • Engravable jewellery – the ultimate in meaningful jewellery, our range of engravables in 10kt gold and sterling silver can be personalised with a significant date, name, or simply your loved one’s initials as a beautiful piece that’s unique to them. 

  • Diamond solitaire studs – a timeless and essential fine jewellery piece, diamond solitaire studs are perfect to celebrate a graduation or new job. A little piece of luxury and a symbol of grace under pressure, they can be worn each day as your loved one starts on their new journey.  

  • Collectables – our exclusive range of symbolic motif pendants each carry a unique meaning. Find the one with a story that resonates and that reflects your loved one, for a gift they’re sure to treasure. 

Celebrating a special moment with those closest to you? Shop jewellery gifts online ›

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