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Promise rings are a beautiful and popular way to share the love. Discover what they are, and when you should give one. 

Show Your Love with a Promise Ring

Want to let someone special know that you’re thinking of them, that you love them, or that you’ll always be there for them? A gift can speak a thousand words, especially when it’s something meaningful and thoughtfully chosen. 

Our beautiful range of promise rings are among our best-rated pieces, and they’re our customers’ favourite way to share the love – whether with another, or themselves.  

If you have a romantic, friendship, or family bond you want to celebrate, a promise ring could be the perfect gift to give.  

What is a promise ring?  

As its name suggests, a promise ring can be given to symbolise commitment, and a bond between two people.  

Who are promise rings for and when should you give one? 

Promise rings are usually given in romantic relationships. Giving your partner a promise ring is a beautiful way to show them how you feel; it’s a symbol of your commitment to them and all the things to come. In romantic relationships, you will usually give your partner a promise ring when you want to let them know your relationship is serious, and they can symbolise your intention to become engaged in the future. They’re also a meaningful gift idea for special occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

However promise rings can also signify another type of relationship, or promise between two people. For instance, a bond between friends, or a parent and their child. This makes them the perfect gesture for a milestone birthday, a graduation, or for someone embarking on a new journey. You can give a promise ring to anyone when you want to pledge that you’ll be there for them, always. 

Can you give yourself a promise ring? 

Buying a promise ring for yourself is a concrete act of self-love. Find a ring that suits your personal style, and gift it to yourself as a reward for kicking some personal goals. You can also wear it as a reminder to love yourself, to stay inspired and dedicated towards your goals, or to stay true to yourself.  

What do promise rings look like? 

Promise rings often look like a simpler version of an engagement ring. Just like engagement rings, at Michael Hill our promise rings are available in a number of stunning designs. Browse our range including solitaire diamond rings, diamond cluster rings, and gemstone promise rings. Each is crafted in precious metal, including sterling silver or 10 carat yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, making them beautiful and lasting reminders of your relationship or your promise.  

How do you wear a promise ring? 

Since promise rings are typically given between partners as a promise to become engaged one day, they are traditionally worn on the ring finger of your left hand – the same finger on which you’d wear an engagement ring.  

Whichever reason you have to wear or give a promise ring, you can wear it in the traditional place or on whichever finger and hand you prefer. The importance is in its symbolism, and that remains the same however you wear it! 

Before buying a promise ring, decide which finger you will wear it on and then use our helpful size guide to choose the right size for you. Try on your favourites from the comfort of home with our NEW Virtual Try-On! Check it out ›

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