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Pear Engagement Rings

How to style your engagement ring: Pear Shape

Pear shaped engagement rings, sometimes called teardrop, are one of the most-loved fancy shapes among brides. This flattering shape combines the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond with a unique tapered point, which elongates the finger and gives you a timeless look with an edge.  Choosing a stand-out engagement ring style can make it a little trickier to pair with a wedding band, so we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas to help you style your perfect bridal ring stack.  

1. Pair your ring with its perfect partner

Create a precisely matched pair by choosing a wedding band that mirrors your engagement ring details. Some of our exclusive Collections at Michael Hill include wedding bands that are specially designed to fit seamlessly with the Collection’s engagement rings, such as our Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal Collection. You can also achieve this harmonious look by matching your engagement ring’s metal colour, diamond characteristics and stone shapes (for instance, if your pear-shaped ring has a halo of round diamonds, choose a wedding band set with round cut diamonds too).  For just the right fit, ask our expert teams about special ordering your wedding band. 

2. Create an individual look with mixed metals

Since you have an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd, why not create a truly unexpected look with a mixed metal bridal ring stack? Mixing metals will give you an interesting and modern look, but by ensuring you create a cohesive stack it will also be timeless.  If you have a rose gold or yellow gold engagement ring, start by adding a white gold wedding band. White gold is the most neutral and versatile shade. You can then mix two metals, by adding an eternity band in the same colour as your wedding ring, or finish your eclectic look by stacking all three shades of gold. Choosing rings that each feature diamonds will create a common motif and ensure you have a stunning, tied-together look. 

3. Choose a bridal set

For a beautiful and easy way to ensure your rings match perfectly, choose a bridal set. Bridal sets include an engagement ring and a wedding band which are purposely designed for a seamless fit. This is a great option for unique engagement ring styles such as pear shapes, as you can be sure your rings will complement each other wonderfully.  

4. Emphasise the unique shape

While the simplest way to style your fancy-shaped engagement ring is with a straight wedding band, you can also play up its look with an unusual wedding band design. A curved or contoured wedding ring will beautifully follow the curve of your pear shaped ring and amplify its size; while a chevron design will create an unexpected edge. Lacey, scalloped, or twisted wedding bands will also add to your engagement ring’s uniqueness and create an intricately detailed and beautiful look.

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