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Discover our range of beautiful round engagement rings at Michael Hill.

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Round Cut Engagement Rings

Discover our range of stunning engagement rings featuring round brilliant cut diamonds, at Michael Hill.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings at Michael Hill

At Michael Hill we offer a wide range of diamond engagement rings in various cuts, so you can find the perfect piece to suit your style. Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular shape, particularly for solitaire engagement rings, and we have a range of unique ring styles and designs featuring round cut diamonds for you to choose from.

  • What is a round brilliant cut diamond?

    The round brilliant cut is the most-loved diamond shape because it perfectly showcases the diamond’s beauty and sparkle. As its name suggests, round brilliant diamonds have a circular shape viewed from above, with a cone-shaped bottom.

    This iconic and timeless diamond cut features 58 facets, cut in such a way as to maximise the diamond’s fire and brilliance. Round brilliant diamonds are popular in many styles of diamond jewellery as well as engagement rings, and particularly solitaire engagement rings where the beauty and sparkle of the diamond is paramount.


  • What kinds of diamond wedding bands does Michael Hill sell?

    At Michael Hill we have a wide range of diamond wedding rings, so you are sure to find the piece to suit you. Our men’s wedding bands include tungsten wedding rings and black titanium wedding rings with diamonds for a unique edge. Our women’s wedding rings include bands, contoured styles, and enhancers with diamonds, crafted in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

    All of our wedding band styles are highly versatile, so choose your favourite wedding ring for a piece you will love to wear forever!


  • Which style of engagement ring is best for round brilliant diamonds?

    Round brilliant cut diamonds are very versatile, and will look beautiful with every style of engagement ring. For timeless elegance, a solitaire engagement ring with a round brilliant diamond is the ultimate classic. Round brilliant cut diamonds are also stunning in halo engagement rings, three stone engagement rings, and cluster engagement rings, as well as all sorts of unique ring shapes and designs.