January Birthstone - Garnet

The dark red Garnet is believed to protect the wearer from harm and promote good health and vitality.

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January Birthstone Garnet Jewellery at Michael Hill

Discover our range of beautiful rhodolite garnet jewellery, so you can wear a piece featuring your birthstone or give a loved one the perfect birthday gift.

Our range of rhodolite garnet jewellery includes rings, pendants, and earrings; from understated pieces such as garnet stacker rings and stud earrings, to dazzling statement designs.

  • What does the January birthstone garnet symbolise?

    The rich red garnet stone signifies health, vitality, and passion. It’s also believed by some to protect the person who wears it. It makes for a beautiful and meaningful gift for January birthdays, and is also the perfect gift for any milestone occasion, or just because, for any of your loved ones who would appreciate its symbolism.


  • How do I wear garnet jewellery?

    Garnet is an eye-catching gemstone, so it is perfect if you’re looking for a statement piece of jewellery. It will add plenty of sparkle and colour to your look on its own, especially as a bold ring, paired with a diamond halo, or in a pair of elegant drop earrings.

    Although rhodolite garnet is a strongly coloured gem, it’s also surprisingly versatile. Its brown and burgundy undertones will complement the rest of your jewellery, and it’s flattering against all skin tones.

    At Michael Hill, our garnet jewellery is often crafted with a setting of rose gold, which helps to amplify the stone’s red colour. Style your garnet piece with other rose gold jewellery for an easy way to mix and match.