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Men’s bracelets at Michael Hill

For a bracelet that complements your effortless style, look no further than Michael Hill. We have carefully selected masculine styles in leather, sterling silver, and 10kt yellow gold that will make the perfect accessory for the modern man.

For an everyday stylish look, our men’s leather bracelets with sterling silver accents are a perfect addition to your outfit. They will pair equally well with casual wear and work wear. For some extra shine, try a sterling silver bracelet style. And for the gent who loves to stand out, our eye-catching styles with gold and diamonds will be exactly what you’re after.

If you are looking to add a bracelet to your accessory collection, try one that matches the metal of your watch, ring, or chain for an effortless addition.

  • Are men’s bracelets in fashion?

    Men’s bracelets are always in fashion, because you can choose a versatile piece that will match every occasion, or one that suits your personal style. Adding a bracelet will bring extra interest to your look, especially when you mix textures such as leather bracelets with sterling silver accents.

    If you are new to wearing men’s bracelets, start with an understated style such as a leather bracelet in a neutral colour. As you start to embrace them more, you can change up your look by pairing multiple leather bracelets, or introduce some shine with a sterling silver or men’s bracelet that compliments your men's gold ring.


  • How should a men’s bracelet fit?

    Ideally, your bracelet should fit so that it is not too tight around your wrist, but not too loose that it will slide up to your elbow or over your hand. When you try on your bracelet, you should be able to fit a finger in between your bracelet and your arm.

    Leather bracelets are prone to stretching slightly, so this will give you versatility with your sizing, but you should ensure it is not too loose when you first buy it. Men’s cuff bracelets crafted in metal will give you a more rigid fit.


  • Which wrist should men wear a bracelet on?

    You can choose which wrist to wear your bracelet on depending on your preference, and whether you are also wearing a watch. Some men choose to wear their bracelet on the side of their dominant hand, whereas others prefer to wear it on the other side so that it’s kept out of their way while working.

    If you’re wearing a bracelet for a special occasion and want to show it off, wear it on your dominant side so that it will be in view more often. If you’re also wearing a wristwatch, you can pair your bracelet with it – in fact, you can create your own unique look and a statement style by layering your watch with a bracelet that complements it. Choose a bracelet in the same leather colour as your leather watch, or find one with matching metal accents. If you wear your watch and bracelet together, ensure the fit of your bracelet is right so that it will not slide back and forth too much and risk scratching your watch face.