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Shop our range of quality men’s jewellery at Michael Hill. Find the perfect piece including rings, chains, bracelets, and watches.

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Men’s Jewellery and Accessories at Michael Hill

At Michael Hill you can explore a wide range of men’s jewellery and accessories, including rings, chains, bracelets, pendants, and watches. With pieces made to love and made to last, crafted in quality materials, you can find the perfect piece to wear or to gift.

  • How do I style men’s jewellery?

    The simplest way to style your jewellery and ensure you always look pulled-together, is to start with a base piece and then match its material and/or colour in the rest of your pieces.

    A common place to start is with your wristwatch. Chances are you have a classic piece that you wear everyday, so you should match the rest of your jewellery and accessories to this. For instance, if you wear a watch with gold as its main colour (or feature colour, if you wear a leather or ceramic watch), pair it with our men's gold rings or gold chain. If your watch is leather and you prefer to carry the leather through the rest of your look, try a matching leather bracelet on the same wrist as your watch.

    Another common piece of jewellery for men is their wedding ring or engagement ring. If you’re married, it’s a no-brainer to use your wedding band as the starting point for your jewellery look. You can easily find pieces of jewellery to match popular men’s wedding ring styles; for example, pair a yellow gold or white gold ring with a matching gold chain, or a watch with accents in the same colour; and pair a tungsten ring with a grey ceramic watch, a leather bracelet with sterling silver accents, or a sterling silver chain.

    A black titanium ring is highly versatile, and you could pair this with a black ceramic or leather watch, a black leather bracelet, or, if your ring includes gold accents, other jewellery in the same gold.


  • What types of jewellery are most popular for men?

    A wristwatch and a wedding ring are the most common accessories for most men, combining substance with style.

    A stylish watch is a great piece to invest in, because you can wear it everyday and with any number of looks. A stainless steel, leather, or ceramic watch is perfect, as these are durable and versatile for styling. Chronograph watches add extra interest with their detailed and decorative face, and for a truly luxurious piece, a diamond watch will make an unmissable style statement.

    Necklaces and chains for men are also popular. You can choose to wear a chain underneath or over the top of your shirt, and make as much of a statement as you want by opting for a finer or heavier chain. Sterling silver and yellow gold chains are the most popular choices, and these are also versatile to style with the rest of your accessories.