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Add a touch of rich colour to your look with a sparkling ruby ring, or symbolize your love with a ruby engagement ring.

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Ruby rings at Michael Hill

Known as the ‘king of gemstones’, ruby is perfect for bringing eye-catching elegance to your look. Explore our beautiful range, including ruby rings set in gold, ruby and diamond rings, and ruby engagement rings.

  • What does a ruby ring symbolize?

    Ruby is a precious gemstone which has centuries of meaning and myth tied to it. It represents vitality, passion, love, and seeking your heart’s desire. For this reason a ruby ring is the perfect piece to gift yourself, or to give to a loved one.

    Ruby is also the birthstone for July, so a ruby ring is the perfect gift idea for your friends, family, or partner with birthdays in July.

    A band set with rubies and diamonds is also a beautiful idea for an eternity ring for your partner, to let them know your love is as strong as ever.

  • What should I wear with a ruby ring?

    Rubies are richly coloured gemstones and a ruby ring is often all you need to give your outfit that finishing touch. Slip on your statement ruby ring to go to the office, out to dinner, or even just to top off a casual jeans-and-T-shirt outfit.

    If you prefer a little more, pair your ruby ring with jewellery in a plain precious metal that matches the colour of your ring setting. For instance, a ruby ring set in yellow gold will look beautiful with a yellow gold chain, a yellow gold bracelet or watch, and yellow gold earrings.

    To take your look to the next level, simply start layering extra pieces – such as multiple necklaces, bracelets, and stacker rings. Sticking to the same metal colour will ensure you look polished, however many pieces you decide to layer.

  • Is a ruby ring suitable as an engagement ring?

    Ruby is one of the best choices for a coloured gemstone engagement ring. Ruby is the second-hardest gemstone, alongside sapphire, with a Mohs scale rating of 9. The Mohs scale indicates how susceptible a gemstone is to scratching, and ruby is an extremely hard gem that won’t scratch easily.

    As well as being a durable choice, ruby has deep symbolism that makes it a beautiful and romantic choice for an engagement ring. Representing love, passion, and seeking your heart’s desire, ruby is a stunning way to symbolize your love and dedication to your fiancé.

    It’s also an eye-catchingly unique choice, with its vivid red colour that will stand out from more traditional engagement ring stones such as diamond and blue sapphire.