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Chains Size Guide

How to Choose the Right Chain Length

The most popular chain lengths vary from 40cm to 60cm. The right length for you depends on your personal style and where you would like your necklace to sit. A 40cm chain will generally sit at the base of your neck or just above your collarbone, whereas a 60cm chain will have a longer drop to around mid-chest. Use the below image as an approximate guide to how different chain lengths will look.

If you're styling a layered necklace look, ensure you wear chains in different lengths so that each layer can be seen, and to create a trending tiered look.

Chain length guide at Michael Hill

How to Choose a Chain Type

As well as the length of your necklace, there are also multiple styles of chains to choose from, as well as fine and delicate designs through to chunky statement chains. All of these factor in to achieving the look you want. To learn more about the types of chains and how to style them, check out out our style guide.

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