Side Accent Engagement Rings

Sparkle even brighter in a side accent engagement ring from Michael Hill, featuring a beautiful trail of diamonds along the ring’s shoulders.

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Choosing your side stone engagement ring

When you can’t say no to extra sparkle and want your engagement ring to really shine, a side accent engagement ring is the perfect choice. Featuring stones set into the ring band accenting the central stone, a side accent engagement ring will be sure to make you glow.

  • What is a side stone engagement ring?

    A side stone engagement ring or pavé engagement ring is a ring featuring small diamonds or other stones along the ring band.

    A side accent engagement ring is a popular choice for its elegant, timeless style as well as its ability to beautifully highlight the centre stone.

  • What wedding ring style goes well with a side stone engagement ring?

    There are really no limits when it comes to choosing a wedding band to pair with your side stone engagement ring, though a band featuring diamonds such as a diamond eternity ring or diamond enhancer ring will really make your engagement ring sparkle.

  • What are the advantages of side stone rings?

    Side stone rings have many advantages, not least being that they draw the eye to the centre stone and add to its beauty and sparkle.

    A side stone engagement ring is also a timeless style that will endure, and is available in a range of settings, allowing you to select the style that best represents you.

  • Do side stone engagement rings exist with various solitaire shapes?

    Side stone engagement rings are available with the full range of diamond shapes, including brilliant, oval, square and cushion cut stones.

    For a more intricate, vintage look, explore our range of cluster engagement rings with pavé bands, such as pear shaped cluster rings or flower cluster rings.