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Emerald rings at Michael Hill

Searching for a beautiful emerald ring for yourself or to gift to a loved one? Look no further than Michael Hill, with our range of rings featuring sparkling emerald stones. Our emerald ring styles include halo and solitaire designs, eye-catching multirow rings, and fine stacker styles.

  • What does an emerald ring symbolise?

    Emerald is the birthstone for May, and it’s associated with faith, love, and new beginnings. This makes emerald a beautifully meaningful stone for an engagement ring or wedding ring, as it signifies your faith and love for each other, as well as the new step in your journey as a couple as you mark these special milestones.

    Since it is a birthstone, emerald is believed to be especially significant for people with birthdays in May, so an emerald ring is the perfect, personalised gift idea for your loved ones born in May.

    Emerald is also the traditional gift for 55th wedding anniversaries, so an emerald ring or eternity band is a beautiful gift idea for this special milestone.

    If you are treating yourself to an emerald ring, it can be the perfect wearable reminder keep faith in yourself, to love yourself and practice self-care, or perhaps a special way to mark your own new beginning – whether you’re celebrating a new job, a personal achievement, travel, a new home, or anything that is a special step for you.

  • Is emerald a good choice for an engagement ring?

    The short answer is that if you love emerald, it’s a good choice for your engagement ring. Ultimately the most important aspect of your engagement ring is that it is a piece of jewellery you truly love, and that you will be happy to wear for life.

    This precious, vivid green stone is loved by many due to its eye-catching appearance and its deep symbolism. While emerald is a hard gemstone that does not scratch easily, it’s also important to note that it is not as strong as other gemstones such as diamond, ruby, and sapphire. This means that for a ring worn every day, such as an engagement ring, you should take some extra care when wearing it, and opt for a ring design with a setting that will help to protect the emerald.

    If you love the look and meaning of emerald but aren’t sure about choosing an emerald engagement ring, we also offer some stunning emerald and diamond bands, which are beautiful choices for wedding or eternity rings.

    If you would like some help choosing the perfect emerald engagement ring or wedding band, visit our expert advisors in-store or book your Virtual Appointment.

  • How do I style an emerald ring?

    Thanks to their vibrant colour, emerald rings provide a statement look that is perfect on its own, but can also be styled back with a number of looks.

    For a simple pop of colour and an instant touch of elegance, slip on your emerald ring with a casual or work outfit. It’s eye-catching enough to hold its own, and is especially beautiful styled with clothing in neutral colours, to allow your emerald to own the spotlight.

    If you’d like to add a little more to your look, pair your emerald ring with delicate jewellery set in the same metal colour. For instance, if you have an emerald ring in a yellow gold setting, try styling it with a fine yellow gold pendant or chain, a pair of gold hoops or stud earrings, and a simple gold bangle or bracelet.

    To really draw attention to your emerald ring, stack on some extra rings. Layer it with a plain precious metal ring on the same finger, then stack another metal ring on the next finger, or both fingers on either side. Emerald also looks beautiful with diamonds, so if you would like some extra sparkle, work a dainty diamond stacker ring into your look.